Is there a formula for creating one of the most memorable marina nights?

We hosted cocktails on Can Drac on a Saturday evening and that evening is one that would not soon be forgotten. It made me think...Is there a formula for creating one of the most memorable marina nights? How does the weather, food, friends, drinks and entertainment come into play? Let’s see…

Great weather? We had planned to have a relaxing get together in the cockpit under the stars with our friends. It unexpectedly started to rain just before everyone started to arrive. We were worried that the night was going to be lost but we moved the small party to the salon where all seven of us fit comfortably. We lost the ambiance we originally planned but at the end of the day, it turned out to be just fine.

Great food...or any food for that matter? We didn't get out to the store to get the tasty ingredients for the few tapas that I know how to prepare. After a quick conversation with Franc, we decided to stick with just cocktails. This was a first for us. I felt that we were being a bit lazy, but we really did invite everyone over for ‘cocktails’, so I left it at that. Actually, this worked out great the next day. Less to clean! :-)

Great friends? It was an interesting gathering of friends. We have known some of our guests for a few years and others we had just met this year. When I had invited everyone I had wondered how it would work out. From the moment everyone arrived it was like they had all known each other for years. Of course they’re all friends of ours that we think highly of and they all truly, genuinely share the same love of sailing. This was a part of the magic that created the evening.

Great drinks? We did have the pleasure of toasting to a 'sipping' champagne. One of the couples had given us the gift of a bottle of vintage 1998 Dom Perignon champagne to celebrate our new boat. It was very, very good. I would highly recommend it. We did try a premixed Mohito but that didn't go over so well. So for the rest of the evening we stuck to the ever-flowing beer and wine. Senior Dom however, did make it special.

Great plans for entertainment? Hmmm. We didn't have plans for this, but what a surprise we had in store for us! Franc has a guitar on the boat but rarely entertains for crowds. After hearing about the song that he wrote for me our friends coerced him into singing it for the crowd. Then we have Pete. Yes, Pete. Pete had plans for entertainment. He showed up for our cocktail party with guitar in hand. Any song or artist that we requested was soon played. It was unbelievable. Peter was a living, breathing, one man, one guitar jukebox! We sang along all night. Some even got up and danced to the music. It was a terrific surprise and definitely was the focal point for the most memorable parts of the evening.

When I think back, I can clearly see that the magical evening was created by not just one aspect, but the perfect formula of the great friends, special champagne and the live music. It was an evening that seven of us would not soon forget. Check back soon for some video clips...

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Comment by Ladye on October 22, 2008 at 11:46am
Memorable Marina Nights! ..... I would say the only formula is to show up. A small group of friends cook out practically every Saturday night in our marina, and sometimes it's just a few of us talking ordinary things, and sometimes it's a spontaneous party! We often repeat stories on one another that bring laughter as if the first time told. We now have a projector that we plan to have monthly 'Movie Night in the Marina' by projecting unto a sail. ..... good topic - I'd like to hear other's stories & ideas.
Comment by Pete on June 18, 2008 at 8:30am
The guitar is on "idle," eagerly awaiting its next call to arms. And yes, it was a fa-a-abulous evening. Many, many thanks for the hospitality. Here's to many more.

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