Two of my favorite anchorages in the Caribbean are (1) in the BVI, Virgin Gorda at the tip of the Bitter End Yacht Club just before Biras Creek. It's calm, the water is beautiful, swimming is fantastic and there is free internet; (2) In St. Barts, Anse de Colombier which has free moorings, crystal clear waters, great swimming, turtles and is also very calm.

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so far i found peter island's great harbour was nice and cane garden bay is gorgeous-----there were some places in st john that were nice for anchoring/mooring----scott cove being one----is very beautiful and serene...but some bumpiness to the water, as ferries go by--i liked christmas cove, also---
We found the back side of water island to be great! Your still close to town but far enough away for pease and quiet. Also the base of the Pitons on St Lucia is a great little bay.
Hello from Grenada,
We enjoyed the Gorda Sound on the north end of Virgin Gorda and of course for a day trip, the Baths at Virgin Gorda are a must experience. We also liked the Pitons at St. Lucia but the presence of many little brown jellyfish kept us out of the water. There is a tiny bay called anse de noir on Martinque that was fun to snorkle but I wouldn't anchor there for the night because it is very rolly. We are enjoying Grenada at the present time and some of our cruising buddies have spent time diving and snorkeling around Dragon Bay on the west coast. They report that it is excellent for those activities. Our night at Dragon Bay was too rolly for our comfort, but if you anchor around the corner it doesn't roll as much.
water island does have some excellent places for anchoring!!!!



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