What a novel idea! I saw one that was offered however that company shut down after 9 years. They must have been before their time.

Are you aware of any cell phones that are waterproof - and would float if by chance they were dropped into the water? Or perhaps a solution that you came up with? Let me know!

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i keep asking at sprint for a waterproof floating cel fone---all i get is harsh laffters----like no one drops theres in the toilet anymore---maybe we should approach the different companies making these contraptions and request a floating one with our specifics ????
Hi Andrea,

great topic...I have a collection of sunglases , reading glassses under my boat and have a diver on retainer, lol. Verizon has just released a new cell phone called the boulder which is waterproof and supposed to meet military standards. Their are some fun videos on utube that show this phone in the freezer overnight and still works.

Capt Jack



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