Can anyone tell me my clearance in feet I have to go under a bridge to get into my new marina. Help please

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There is probably a spec sheet on the Cascade 29 bridge clearance, but it would only be an estimate, since it depends on where your specific boat sits on its "designed" waterline and assumes your mast is the standard height. Some boats are heavier than others based on what is stored aboard, hull moisture retention, tank capacities, out of spec additions, etc., so the boat will be higher or lower than a spec sheet. Personally, I would use my main halyard to help me estimate the height of the mast, then add length for anything above the halyard's highest point (e.g., tricolor, antennae, etc.), plus some buffer for unexpected wave action. Assuming your chart shows the height of the bridge at MHW (mean high water), it should provide you with enough info to determine if you will clear it, and/or the best time tide-wise to pass under it. If it is going to be a persistent problem, find another marina. You probably already know this stuff, but hope this helps! :) P.S.: I once owned a Cascade 29.

 The mast on a 29 is approximitly 36' add 3' freeboard and you should be able to clear a 40' bridge. Make it 42 to be safe

Thx ED and Shaun the Bridge says it's 32 ft at high tide so I may have to lean her and get threw on a spring low tide... I will let you know how it goes.... Thx again 


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