I have a seeping type leak near where the shaft exits my B43 behind the engine. The leak is not coming from the volvo seal, it puddles underneath the shaft and fills this area with saltwater after about two days. I have read a few posts on other sites about water leaking in from where the shaft exits the hull. Does anyone have any info on this. Going to call Beneteau tomorrow.

Thanks Dave

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I have a 2008 B40 that had a similar problem. On my boat the prop shaft tube exits the hull with only a bead of caulking to keep water from seeping along the tube and entering the boat. Beneteau told the marina that this is the indicator that the caulk is failing. The marina ,rather than laying the caulk around the shaft, took a Dremel tool and made a small v shaped pocket in the hull around the shaft. This allowed the caulking to be pushed into the pocket and sealing the shaft tube to hull joint in a more workman like fashion. Hope this helps!

William Dill

Kailani B40 

Thanks, Will do when I haul this winter


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