The original Raymarine 125 gps failed on my 2008 Oceanis 40.  Based on research, I’m trying to install a RS150 GPS receiver.  The 150 uses Seatalk NG vs. the boat’s antiquated Seatalk 1.  Not exactly sure how to tie the new GPS into the network.  I purchased a Seatalk1 to Seatalk NG converter block.  The Raymarine Tech on the Raymarine Tech forum has advised me to run a independent power feed to the converter block.  That’s about as far as I have gotten, waiting to get a call back from Raymarine Tech support for the next steps.  If anyone has any advice, I am all ears!  

Going through and looking through the system during this process, it has raised a question.  I assume that there is a fluxgate compass located somewhere on the boat, but I have not run across it during 2 years of ownership. Can someone point me in the right direction?  

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I started that route....bought the RS150...seatalk converter... But gave up and bought a new 2032 battery for the existing gps antenna.... 

The fluxgate compass is in the aft cabin... "Shirt"cabinet... On the top of the side wall of that cabinet....

I tried the battery replacement route first and was very disappointed when it didn’t work. Thanks for the location of the compass!

In Cran Drac's blog there is a picture of the compass.. And btw related to the drama of his reason to hand steer across the ocean...

I was on my boat today and the fluxgate compass isn’t in the hanging locker. It’s not in any of the lockers. I think that because my boat is an early 40’ model in the production series the compass may not be in a typical location. Any other suggestions are welcome. My best guess at the moment is that it’s under the aft berth but I didn’t have the time or energy to pull the mattress out today. 

If you have not already found it, look for the fluxgate compass under a removal shelf panel on the left side bottom of the aft cabin hanging locker.

I experienced the same problem not with a fan but with a tool box in the hanging locker!

I successfully got the RS150 GPS unit working with the help of a phone call to Raymarine tech assistance.  The directions that I received on the Raymarine forum required running a new power feed to the Seatalk converter.  I had pulled the power conductor but could not figure out how/where to tie in the communications feed to the old system so I called Raymarine and talked to someone who gave me very straightforward instruction.  With his instruction, I cut the Seatalk 1 plug end off the Seatalk NG to Seatalk1 communications wire and tied it into the old Seatalk junction box that the old 125 was previously tied into.  This junction box provided the needed power to the system so I didn’t end up connecting the new power feed.  The tech assistant told me that sometimes the RS150 didn’t like to get power this way, but that I could try it.  In my case it fired right up!


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