Our local yacht club that operates a railway line slipping cradle has been put on notice by a couple of "worryites" that maybe the structure is not fit for purpose.

The basis of the claim hinges on the amount of weight exerted on a sling placed around the stern 1/4 the yacht to prevent it maybe toppling backwards.

Do any of you learned owners have experience of slipping other than travel lifts?. Part of the argument here is the balancing sling may damage the interior fitout. It is obvious the entire vessel weight is carried in the slings during a travel lift and that apparently is a harmless exercise whereby here the keel is resting on the slip cradle.

One Australian owner claims the 43 will almost balance of the long foot of the heel with just an aft Acro strut as insurance, albeit with the aft water tank empty and the forward one full.

Looking forward to some input with maybe a photo or two and if an aft sling is required some quantifiable indication of the weight exerted.



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