Curious who is or might be heading to Annapolis boat show Oct 8 - 12

Thinking it be great to know who might be there and if we could get together EastPort yacht club has a bash on sat nights Drop a comment or an idea

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Terri you missed it.....would fit over a jacket..that you would in key word ,,wearable
i'm getting silver mylar balloon and drawing SK on it..... OR
wearing a bindi between my eyes......
OR bandana tied around my upper arm......
don't imagine anyone else will be doing that...
somehow... even without any of that we'll figure it out.... seems to me....
So far I've met Dave and Donna, well, Dave... and Terri.... and looking forward to meeting more... !
When go to the Boat Show I always meet for luch for a roast beef sandwich at the Fleet Reserve Club which is open to the public next to Pussers. I think we should coordinate some identifying ribbon tied in a knot on the hat on shirt/blouse top. That way when you see someone in passing you can say Hi!
We(Carole & I) will be there Friday and Saturday. I will be wearing the 'Drac Verd' hat and one day if warm enought the 'Drac Verd' shirt.
Update - we will be driving down on Saturday so we will be at the show on Sunday. Will either have sea knots t-shirts or Beneteau Aquamarine t-shirts. We can't go with the risque stuff. Not with our 7 and 9 year olds with us!

Maybe we could identify each other by tattoo's
How do u get a picture on here....copy and paste ...?? tried to and couldn't do it
Very cool tattoo! Tried to send luck??!!!
Bill., I will look for your goatee rather than looking at every guys legs!! Even better look for Christe's smile!!
Hey Bill,

The goatee is shorter than you'd expect. I gave it away as a wedding present a while back and had to start again.
Up at the top where it says "Reply to this" theres a little camera icon on top of the box. Click the camera and choose browse. Find the pic you want to send on your computer and double click it and it will automatically upload.

It'll appear in the box as random text. Write your text and when you hit "add reply" the meaningless text magically becomes your pic.

Nice catch! Thanks for the help with the download a pic thing



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