I don't own a boat yet, but one of my major concerns about owning one is getting hijacked or robbed or killed out at sea where I would be a long way from help. Is this something that rarely happens, or does everyone have to arm themselves?

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Of course!
No one is argueing that.
You make it sound like I'm attacking or criticizing your views on not carrying a weapon. I don't think I've done that at all. All I'm doing is defending my own views on the subject from some of the people on here that are trying to criticize and attack my views.

Some people, like yourself, are not comfortable with guns. I understand that. You are afraid of them. In your case, you probably should not have a gun cause you probably would never be able to pull that trigger. You need to be trained in its use and have the confidence and mindset in order to use it. You think pulling that gun out would only get you into more trouble. In your case, you're probably right. So I agree with you. YOU should not have a gun.

For me, I like guns. I'm comfortable with them. I used to shoot 70 to over 100 rounds a day for practice. I think a gun is like a tool. It could be used for good or for evil. Guns can be used to take lives or to save lives. It depends on who is behind the gun.

Cops carry guns. The Coast Guard carry guns. They use it to save lives and prevent crimes. The only problem is, violent crimes don't usually happen in front of a cop. So you can't rely on a cop or the Coast Guard to save you, especially out at sea. Its just you and your assailant. He has a gun. You have a one shot flare launcher and a brownie.

You compare dangers in the city to dangers out at sea. I think its different out at sea. A criminal on land will probably NOT want to kill you for fear of getting caught and charged with murder. The same criminal out at sea doesn't have to worry about getting caught for murder. But he does have to worry about getting caught for theft if he leaves you alive.

He can't steal your boat and leave you alive. He can't just take your electronics gear and cash and leave you alive without worrying about you reporting him to the authorities as soon as you get back to port. So the incentive to kill you is much greater out at sea. And it is so easy to do and so easy to get away with since there are no witnesses. You are the only witness he has to worry about.

I feel a lot safer with a gun on board. For those that are afraid of guns and don't know how to use one, I suggest you learn. Either that, or work on your "please don't kill me" skills.
Sounds like an attack to me . . .
In the scenario you just gave, do you think your chances are better without a gun?

Most pirates are not professionally trained soldiers. Again, like many others, you're basing your knowledge of pirates on what you've been seeing on TV lately. Even the ones you see on the news, are not the professionals you think they are. They're just a bunch thugs with guns. They couldn't hit the broad side of a barn and they are not highly trained. The only reason they have any success is because they are going after undefended targets. People on those merchant vessels, for the most part, don't carry guns. Maybe the captain might have a pistol but thats about it.

The pirates you've been seeing on TV are the heavily armed ones that go after high value targets, not little sailboats. The pirates i'm talking about, the more likely scenario, could be the guy or guys docked next to you right now. They might not even have a gun. The kitchen knife on your counter will do. Often, all they have are machettes because thats all they need. Guys like you don't carry guns.

So if i was ever in that unrealistic scenario you just made up for me to try to prove your point, I certainly wouldn't have any problems shooting back at them cause I'll be fighting for my life. Its something I will have trained for. Just call me "Mr. Prepared".

You're right, shooting at paper targets is a lot different from being in a gun fight. However, my paper targets are a lot smaller than a human being (smaller than a pinhead). I won't have to be as acurate. A sloppy shot to the head or torsoue or groin will work just fine.
Does this guy look familiar? Immagine a motorcycle helmet on his head : )

me marine

Me and My Anschutz

Me & My M14

Rifle Team,ME
I'm not going to get sucked into this discussion.... I'm not going to get sucked into this discussion.... I'm not going to get sucked into this discussion.... I'm not going to get sucked into this discussion....

('Though I must say that Suky's last posting said a lot that mirrored my own thinking.)

I'm not going to get sucked into this discussion....
oh my... good affirmations Pete... very good !!!!!!!
This got the "juices" stirred up more than the "married guy going sailing with deck fluff"
Send me a link to that one . . . . hehehehe
Good !!! hehehe

But I am getting tired of repeating myself. They're only reading portions of my comments.
Aren't you the guy thats starts off by saying that you are not attacking me and my beliefs and then proceeds to do so?

Are you really an expert in human behaviour? I think you need to analyze yourself.
I'm having fun, aren't you? Maybe you're the psycho.
And why do you keep reading my comments if it disturbs you? Why are you following this discussion? Its like a TV channel. Change it.


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