I don't own a boat yet, but one of my major concerns about owning one is getting hijacked or robbed or killed out at sea where I would be a long way from help. Is this something that rarely happens, or does everyone have to arm themselves?

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By the way, Zeehag, i'm responding to you here because I was not able to comment back on your profile page. You have it set to private.
I would like to see the stats on that. People just come up with these bogus assumptions and misconceptions without researching it.
I plan on enjoying myself and chances are, I may never encounter pirates trying to board my boat. But, you never know. I'll be prepared for them if it ever happens. Having the guns gives me peace of mind and a sense of security. I'll have options most sailors won't have.

Besides, I like guns. They're fun to shoot. You can even use them to go hunting and fishing with. I'll also have flare guns and a spear gun and spears.

Pepper spray might work. I don't know how effective it is. It might just piss them off and they might just start hacking at you with their machette or shoot you for spraying them. Very few people are brave enough or dumb enough to charge somebody with a gun pointed at them though.

Pepper spray wouldn't stop a determined attacker. Its not very intimidating. It's just a notch above pointing a can of RAID at somebody.

I've seen flare guns used in movies. Does it really work as a weapon? Is the velocity of the projectile fast enough to penetrate a human body with clothes on, or will it just bounce off, fall to the deck and set your boat on fire? Not to mention, pissing off the guy with the machette you just shot at.
It's true, that you will have boat confiscated in some waters if you are discovered with guns. I haven't ever traveled with guns so it's best you just research. My understanding is you have to leave your gun(s) with customs and pick em up with you leave.
If I have guns on board I would certainly hide them well. I would hire a master carpenter to build me some hidden compartments.

Is that a normal thing for foreign countries to board your vessel when you dock in their bays and harbors?
Sure is a normal thing to be boarded by authorities...happened to us in the Caribbean. Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten (anchored) . In the month down there saw it happening constantly. Four jumped on board with 2 still on their boat circling. I wouldn't risk it...each country has different rules regarding weapons and most cruisers find it more of a hassle so don't carry weapons. On the other hand have read that flying the American flag helps, because a large majority of criminals believe we're all carrying weapons. There is an adaptor the fits a regular flare gun the will fire a shotgun shell. Have seen in the back of sailing/cruising mags. But u best be hiding that shotgun shell where the sun don't shine, cause if they find it you're going to the "big house" or worse...the "little hut".
Good luck with the hidden compartment thing. Just like DEA knowing how to find hidden drugs in faraway nitches in cars...they know how & where to look. Breaks up a boring day on the water for them.
They won't do a thurough search unless they know there is something on board. I doubt they tear apart every boat that comes there. No one would visit there anymore if they did. I might carry a decoy gun just to turn in to them.
I think a person get can paranoid about the danger of being attacked on land or on the water.
We take chances with our lives the minute we are born. Chances are much greater that we get killed or injured in an automobile accident, by walking across the street, than being killed on our boats by a bunch of crazy people.

I personally would not sail near in well known waters where attacks are known to take place, Somalia for instance, the same way I would not travel to those areas for a vacation, period. Sail in safe waters, travel in friendlier places. I would not carry a gun around, just in case I got involved in a situation. LOL I simply can't and will not live like that, in constant fear and alert for my safety.

You think like my son who's involved in personal security and always on the 'look-out' . He carries a big gun and feels that it's going to protect him. What a way to live to constantly expect the worst ??

I use common sense, I'm aware but I sail happily and peacefully.
I don't think I'm paranoid. I just like to be prepared. I walk around with a knife, a lighter, flashlight, pen, notepad, $100 stashed, extra credit card, and a digital camera with an extra memory card and batteries at all times.

I have enough food in my kitchen to last for at least 2 weeks at all times, I have a backpack full of survival gear ready at a moments notice. I have 8 flashlights and lots of extra batteries including a bunch of rechargeable ones all over the house. I have a 2000 watt gas generator and 4 large deep cycle batteries all charged up ready for the next outage or crises.

I live in Hawaii, on the Big Island, next to a live volcano. "Shit" can happen. There is only one road in and out of here. If that road gets cut off, there will be problems. If lava crosses that road, food and fuel won't be able to get trucked in and there are no runways or harbors in this area.

You think its some kind of a burden or inconvenience to live like that. I think its part of the fun. Thats part of what I like about sailing or camping. I think you have to be prepared when you go out on a little boat by yourself, Lots of bad things can happen if you're not prepared. You have to have enough food and water. You have to have proper survival gear and navigation equipement. A gun to me is just part of your survival gear.
Hey Vulcan,
yes I read you on being prepared for emergencies.
We live in the country ..we're prepared for emergencies with, water.. etc.
If I lived next to a vulcano.. I'd be prepared..better still, I'd move before it starts spitting.. LOL

On the water, sailing, boating, camping.. yes, .. one has to be prepared for emergencies to be safe. We have all the safety gear on board and handy. It's just common sense.

But for me personally, to carrying a gun around all the time, is not part of my emergency plan.
I live in Canada where it's illeagal to carry a gun anyhow. Thank God we don't have a lot of crime where I live so we don't worry about such things, not yet anyhow.
I don't know if you know this but the volcanoes in Hawaii have been spewing lava non stop for millions of years.

I don't plan on staying here. As soon as I sell my property here, I'm outa here. I'm going to get me a boat, buy me some guns, lots of bullets, some body armor, a cute girlfriend, and I'm moving back to Oahu. Get a slip in Waikiki and build a house behind my mom's house..


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