Andrea started an interesting discussion re: how did you come to name your boat. I'd like to offer a little twist...

I think one of the worst things I've seen on dinghys is the ubiquitous "T/T More Money Than Brains." You've all seen that, too.

I've also seen some very clever tender names... my favorite was "Spring Fling," the dinghy from the yacht "Summer Love."

Do you all have any favorites that have stuck in your mind, or how do you address the situation with your own boat and tender?

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My boat's name is JAWS, she was named after the initials of the first owner's wife. When we bought a tender (Walker Bay 10) we named it FINS, thought it was appropriate for JAWS, and I'm a Parrothead! There was a boat here a couple years ago, her name was Naut Reality, the tender was Little Nauty.
Good one, thanks.
As already mentioned, My Leopard 40 is named Changing Spots.
The dinghy is Lil' Spot, and my old spare small dinghy is now Wet Spot.
Thanks for your contribution Robert
Hi folks,

We recently purchased a used Walker Bay 8. While considering a name a salty local shipwright looked down and said..."looks like a tupperware boat... wheres the lid?"
Her name is now Brave Tupperware of Wilmington Known to us as TUPS

Cynthia and Chris
I like it, you two.
Our boat name is Being There, our dinghy is ,Getting There. Just made sense to us!
Up at the WBS at Mustic this June, the m/v "High Tea"'s dink was named "Tea For Two". Thought that was cute. Certainly was a beautifully finished and brightworked vessel.

Beautiful, Vince, and thanks for the photos.
Prior boat was a Bayfield 29 named Joint Venture, the dinghy was Dividends. Down the dock was a Columbia 34 named Laughing Lady and dinghy was Chuckles.
As I've said elsewhere, my last boat bore the name Nancy Dawson on her pretty wine-glass transom and that comes from the name of the tune to which the rum ration was piped in the British Navy for over 200 years. I'm currently looking for the nex Nancy which will, of course, be named Nancy Dawson, Too.

I didn't name the Avon RIB back then, but I've been pondering on what I'll name my next one and suggestions are far I'm partial to Rum Runner or Tot of Grog.
My Bayfield Angel's RIB never stays firmly inflated & I'm always pumping air into it- the poor buggar got that way after a fight with a palm tree in hurricane Wilma (the tree won). It's got patches on top of patches and its name is "SQUISHY".


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