Looking for some advice....
I've been offered a job and have done my research on the owners and ship. All looks great. Now, I am looking to have a 2nd phone interview,
where I can get more details etc.
I really have no ties here and I can always come back here anytime.
Please any advice on specific questions, I may not have thought about or
living aboard with possibly 20 crew members? It would be great to hear from others that have done this type of work?

Cheers and thanks for any advice,

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Is it a charter motoryacht?
The work on those boats is hard, but very rewarding to those who persevere.
Being a gorgeous female, you will need to be strict with the "boys" making sure you let them know you won't stand for being taken advantage of, but on the other hand, you'll need to fit in with the humor and jokes.
Questions like, are uniforms paid for by the boat? How many uniforms can you keep. Will pay be direct? Not receiving cash on the boat can be good, as you don't want to keep your bulk cash on board.
Your meals should be included, and you'll be eating with the crew often. Make friends with the cook, then you'll have galley rights for those snacks.
Ask for a job description, meaning exactly what they expect of you, and how many hours per day that you'll be "on duty". Possibly they'll expect you to be at the ready at almost any time, from sunrise to 2am during parties.
Also make sure you know the chain of command, as who is your immediate superior, all the way up to the captain.
lf you are to go off the boat for provisions, then they should provide you with a cell phone. don't use yours unless they budget for it.
If you're comfortable with your negotiating, then you could ask if there is any travel allowance to visit family where the boat pays for your airline tickets.
And ask about health insurance.
They might say "no" to all the perks, but if you really want the job, you'll take it anyway.
What's the name of the ship? West Coast? Goes international?
I worked for Greek owners who had a 135' Fedship, and I've known a few megga yacht captains in Europe and have been on a few of those monsters, mainly in the engineering spaces. They are amazing. The Greek owner had a 65' racing boat that I was on full time for racing and deliveries. The owners "watched" their 65 footer race from the comfort of the Fedship.
It's a different world with that kind of money. Expect anything...
If the boat is going to Mexico, then your ability to speak Spanish will be an asset.
Be careful, and have fun!
Good Luck.
Hi Pete,

Sounds like you have done this type of work many times in the past?
Wow, thanks for the gorgeous female compliment and yes mixing
business with pleasure is never a good idea.
And that will be made clear with any men that might be thinking
otherwise. Every morning I have coffee with the old geezers here in the
marina and I can bullshit with the rest of them. It's free entertainment.
I am not sure of the exact title and they are willing to provide training which is great.
If I am correct, the position would be similar to a personal assistant along with all the other on-board responsibilities.. scrubbing decks, hostessing taking care of vendors, maybe handling some banking etc.
Wow, does that seem like too much to do?
I will be sure to ask if this is seasonal or yr. round...I am not sure yet?
And will I have 2 days to sleep in...LOL!
If I didn't get paid they usually direct deposit a paycheck?
I can see where having cash on-board is not wise.
So many questions, I hope you don't mind?

Hi Flea...tell us about the boat...size and travel areas
Hi Lola,

Ok, I understand now your comment "One of our members Flea has a forum called Advice-job on a big ship?
I now know you are saying forum discussion.
Because "forum" actually is a great idea and much, much bigger than a discussion.

Well, without giving too much information regarding the company's plans and privacy.
I am sure you understand.
The ships are very large close to 100ft and they are headed south.
Well I wish you well.
Another question is how many of the crew are STCW ’95 Code training compliant?
That is Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers.
All large vessels are supposed to have crew that have the various qualifications from radio operation, fire suppression and control, first aid and survival techniques by STCW convention training, assessment and certification.
And if the company is interested in keeping you on board, at some time later you might ask them to pay for the training so you can be qualified yourself, and eventually lead to acquiring the 200t Yachtmasters License.
Get a nice log book to have all your sea time documented. Information like Gross tonnage, voyage duration, ships registry number will be important. Ask the Captain or mate to show you their seatime log book when the conversation arises.
good luck...
Flea, I worked as professional crew on boats from 41' sailboats, 103' motor yacht, to 139' ocean tug from deck hand, chef, first mate. Be prepared to work harder than you have ever worked in your life! It looks and sounds very romantic, but you have to understand. You are there to work.....the owners and their guests are there to be taken care of and play. Find out how many crew will be onboard, do they do charters, what will your quarters be like, do you have to share?

Pete is right about getting your STCW95. Most yachts will require you get that fairly soon if you dont have it already. If you get really really lucky, they will offer to pay for the course. Some owners are much easier to work for than others. If you dont succeed the first time and are truly interested in crewing professionally...try another boat and owner...and captain and crew. I found that working on sailboats was alot more fun but less money than motor yachts. Be flexible and expect to work long hours when the owners and guests are onboard.

The up side is that you get paid to travel and be on the water!! Hopefully you get on a boat with a great captain and reasonable owners.
Thanks for all the wonderful advice.

Yes, it is very important that the Captain/Owner is a wonderful person to work for
and I wouldn't even entertain the idea if I felt he was not.
And all the training is provided. YEAH!


You already have great advise given.

I have been lucky to have delivered with a Capt. a beautiful 1928 73' Defoe. After the delivery that took 3 weeks, a Trumpy owner nabbed me who was docked behind my Defoe. I became the boat's manager as I was the only crew within a week and the owners left me alone with the lovely 1937 61' $2.3 million yacht. While over a 5 week period alone managing, they bought a 100' Romsdal on the left coast. Orig. I was told the owner and I would moving the present yacht but the new one just evolved...

Although they invited me to crew on their new boat, I declined... Wonderful people and nice 2 yachts but I wasn't going to be the only deckperson on a 100' steel hull yacht... and it was getting further away from my plans... I wanta drive :D

MAKE SURE you have a written job description and agree upon it! I ended up being paid 100.00 a day, food and a bunk, that was fine, Then extra little jobs were added to my position and no free time, still some what ok. Then.....

My fav. has been crewing on a lovely 1928 70' 12 meter America's cup class yacht in Newport, RI, racing and charters.

Remember, there's always another boat next dock if things go wrong but hopfully you'll stick it out and get that warm feeling you get in trusting another and being part of a team!

Best of luck.
HI Flea,

Wondering if you took the job, and if you will be able to share on this site. Hope it all goes well for you.


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