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Wednesday October 8, 2008- 11:06 pm PDT
That's it. It's over. The ninjas killed Chuck Norris. Not my steering hub. It's still alive and kickin', with its exquisite engineering, but the vane itself. It's dead. The rudder's post actually snapped in two. It's like 1.5-inch aluminum piping. It actually snapped right off. This is one of the worst nights of my life. Oh well, now the decision has been made for me. I have to hand-steer to Hawaii. I am hove to right now, going to try and get some sleep, and start sailing in the morning, or later on tonight. This sucks. I'm so over this. I don't even want to sail anymore. I'm not going to turn around or anything, but i'm so over this, it's not even funny. At this point, I am beginning to fear for my own safety. I had no clue what I was getting myself into, setting off alone from California to Hawaii. I thought it was going to be an easy, pleasant run in a steady 15 knots of breeze. Look up "sailing to hawaii" on youtube. I haven't had any of that stuff. I am very, very concerned right now. Things keep on going from worse to worse to worse. Very frustrated right now. Do not know what to do.

I found it on

There goes the "romantic" view of offshore cruising...

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Just read that the guy activated his EPIRB this afternoon...
Looks like he's getting a rescue by the USCG.
Too bad, a little more preparation and a more reasonable goal of having at least another person on board would have been a little wiser in retrospect.
At least he'll probably live.
Good luck friend.



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