White dry sponges...recently written about on the HUNTER BOAT site.


Sticky rollers, like for pet hair..picks up crumbs fast and easy.


Garden Pump Sprayer ...I was on Brian and Tina's boat and they use a garden  Pump sprayer  to mist themselves, pets,,,when hot.  Also can be a quick shower., clean off hands...etc


Vinegar /Water Spay Bottle, use only to flush head.  Keep Sea cock closed...I use the handle but dry pump like , then finish with a final smell in the head,  May add a little regular water if bowl.


Do you have some you can share?

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If you didn't eat it, don't flush it. Stay between the marks. Have proper ground tackle and learn to set your hook. Learn the rules of the road. Just because you're the "stand on" vessel doesn't mean you get to be an idiot. If I can hit you with a can of corn you've anchored to close. Select-a-size paper towels rule. Don't run your on-deck generator after sun down. Shade cloth will make an unbelievable difference in comfort on sunny days in the cockpit. Dridecks or something similar in the bottom of every locker and under the bunk will make a huge impact against mold in the boat. Lock-n-Locks store food really well.

s/v Veranda
So, do you have any suggestions for when the dry deck gets black and moldy ? Tomorrow, I'm going to try soaking it in vinegar and water.
If that doesn't work, try MaryKates deck cleaner. Spash it on, let it soak for 15 minutes. Soft brush and fresh water should make the deck look like new. If not, maybe go stronger with hull cleaner. Just keep it off of any aluminum.
Christy uses pretty much anything w/ bleach to clean something like that. We also use that stuff they sell at West thats supposed to deter mold....I can't remember what its called.
i use the sea water to flush head---i just add a coupla cups vinegar nd let sit for a bit then flush thru system to reduce the blockage by salt encrustation....and pump the head for a couple of minuets to rid boat of the nasty rotten egg smell that is made by standing salt easy....

remember, when you bring sand on board on your feets, you are bringing into the boat a medium for removal of finish--sand paper without the paper is same as sand paper.....

i try to keep a bucket of seawater for rinsing my anchor--i donot have a seawater wash down system, as do many modern boats--so i use the bucket to rinse my hands and other things needing rinsing as the anchor is replaced into the locker.....also helpful in the chain/anchor locker is a scraper and a brush for cleaning anchor and chain on their way into locker.....just dont leave the bucket on deck while sailing-it will vanish..LOL

vinegar changes the pH of the environment the mold is trying to live in--so it wont grow in the acidic environment. bleach just turns it white.....
Saturday I sailed on a beautiful Morgan 41.

The Captain used bungie cords to tighten the lazy jacks so the main fell in place. He did this before bringing the main down.

Has anyone else done this?
Don't forget to tie a knot in the bitter ends of your halyards, so they can't run out through the cleat and go over board.


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