Have you thought about casting off from your day sail and just continue to head south?

I am sure many sailors going out for a day sail have had the dream of casting off and heading south for months, years or forever. I would love to hear your thoughts ...

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Well, we headed North (Don't ask) but I would strongly recommend ensuring that the boat is well provisioned and well found. That may seem obvious but I've been astonished at how ill prepared some folks are.

I insisted on having 90 days of food aboard in various forms; fresh, canned, dried, and packaged backpacking type meals. We also installed a reverse osmosis water maker. By every indication our Pacific crossing from Hawaii to Cape Flattery should have taken 28 to 35 days. We were at sea 55 days from Honolulu to Neah Bay! We ran out of chocolate and apples and most of our other treats but still had plenty of staples. We almost ran out of toilet paper and and had to strictly ration paper towels.

The point here is always make sure you have at least twice as much of everything as you think you will need.

But......By all means, go. Go now (Right after you get back from the market). Don't wait. If you decide to just keep on going on that day-sail, remember to stop in at the first port you come to and stock up on supplies.
Yes someday I will do just that. Most people think its insanity and that I am just crazy. Maybe they are right. I worked hard to reach most of the goals I have had in life and and even get to follow dreams every now and then.
Yes.........and I am leaving Maine for the Gulf of Mexico this summer.
It has been 4 years in the planning........2 years in the preparation.
Single handing a 32 foot cutter...... not single handing by choice....... but, so be it..

"Just do it"

Thousands of times. I just need a bigger boat!!! :-)
I'm a huge advocate of go small and go now, but you're do need a bigger boat for comfort's sake. On the other hand, going cruising doesn't always have to do with circumnavigations.
I'm working toward that goal now. I have the plan in place and will be doing so in 3yrs.

I have a dream trip to fulfill in my powerboat to Bimini first then selling her off along with our motorhome to buy a cruising sailboat in the next couple years.

I'm here to learn and prepare for now.
Do I? Tease! I am ever so ready, should someone decide they need crew. I dont doubt I couldnt 'rastle my tub beyond the surf, the truth is I have no room for rum, enough rum that is.

Everyday I hit the lake (dont laugh, its a rough lake with quite a fetch), I pretend I aint comin' back.

I did just that from 1982 thru 1985 from Cape Cod, Ma. thru the Leeward, Windward Islands , S. America and back. It took 2 yrs to prepare the 1963 Pearson 35 Alberg and 8 yrs planning the trip. (originally it was Circumnavigateing the World).
Upon returning it changed my life completely and can only say the best time of my life and would love to do it again when I retire.
.Oh, if it were ever possible to sail and spend time on the atoll island Suvarov, from the book that has left such an affect on my life...AN ISLAND TO ONESELF which you can read on line at :

Just copy and paste this site in your search bar...Enjoy......Lola
Yeah dreamed the dream for many years and then finally did it. Family and friends said I was crazy hence the boat was named Gone Troppo. Have not regretted a moment of this life afloat, and I have experienced some fearfull times. Live your dream don't dream your life.
Regards, Stephen
Hey there Stephen! Great quote. How have you been?
In 2001 my wife and I went on an 8 month sabbatical sailing across the south pacific. It was a life changing experience. When we got back we could not return to our corporate jobs. We have been working as crew on Tall Ships ever since.


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