There's nothing better than learning from others' experiences! Tell us about your favorite sailing stuff here!

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I love listening to music while sailing and ever since I found this cockpit remote I've been hooked! We no longer have to go down below to turn the volume down when someone calls or we want to change the radio station. This cockpit remote is my FAVORITE instrument and it only cost me $70! Check it out here:
This was a great find. These wine glasses never break or spill over. Love them!

Galleyware Wine Glasses: The original non-skid wine glass that was first introduced in 1987. It holds 12-ounces of wine and will stay in place even at a 20 degree angle. It''s made of Lexan Polycarbonate and comes with a lifetime warranty.
They look really nice, but I could only have a few sips at a time (not a full 12-ounces) if I'm going to sail at a 20 degree angle. LOL. :)
A friend loaned me an Autohelm for my tiller-steered Westerly for a few weeks last summer. It's my candidate for "Favorite Sailing Stuff". It turns me from the helmsman into a passenger at the push of a button! Now if only I could find a reasonably priced used one for myself.... (Did anyone hear a hint drop?)
They come up on eBay on a fairly regular basis,
Personally, I love my Lid Latch. It was the best 6 bucks I've ever spent. It spared the lives of many of my favorite sailing hats, several times over. Some of those Mount Gay hats are irreplaceable. I never leave the dock without it.
Your right Negrini. Theres nothing better than a boat full with the right crew to make a passage a time to remember.
We sailors want to buy the world a coke and teach them to sail. If any of ye are like myself and your mothership is a dinghy, ye know how much work it can be. Not so much in riggin' but actually sailing. You're always looking for someone to go, someone who would appreciate the enlightenment. After spending oh, what?, an hour or so schooling them on the dynamics, building their finally get underway.
Nine out ten times you never take that person again and you have to school the next guest.

See where Im going with this?

I now take my dog, My 80+ lb. Lab, who has proved the best crew for my situation. He goes where I tell 'em and is very effective. Next to the perfect of winds, or the roughest of legs, I can always count on the face of gratitude and energy my 1st mate conveys at the end of the day. I must say I do favor sleeping with the dog.
And I thought we were the only ones that didn't have many double takers.
I have a JVC deck in my jeep and my boat and I just plug my 80Gig IPOD into either one and bring my music with me,HUGE storage capacity,great for when your out of range of everything without dragging all those CDs with you.............My vote goes to my IPOD
Makrolon windows on a dodger are the best innovation in canvas design in years! Hard windows that will not blur or change shape distorting the image are great. Check them out here:

This Bimini and Spray hood looks fine

We added a small window in the Bimini so that we can see the sails without moving from the helm.
An other feature we added is a kind of tent with zippers so that we can also close the hole boat by adding some *sidewalls* ( tent ) with windows so that you can sail even when the boat is close in bad weather and also against the sun /



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