Lets see if we can invoke some interest on what we consider to be a rather hot topic around our marina here fact it often times turns out to be a full blown argument on which is truly the cat's meow to have for all purposes ! I personally own a Sloop and I find it to be more than satisfactory for the way I like to sail ..and I imagine it would be more than suitable for just about anywhere in the world...however ...we've been told that in certain areas of the world ..a Ketch rig would prevail hands down! What style of vessel do you own ....where do you sail her? Which do YOU think is better ...Sloop ...or Ketch?? Enquiring minds want to know ......

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Like anything else, different rigs, suit different purposes. For daysailing or short passages, I would prefer a sloop, and as a singlehander, a fractional rig, but for passage making, where you have no choice but accept what is happening weather-wise, I'd prefer a ketch.

Aboard S/V Aria
Good points on all counts neighbor really believes in his Allied Seawind II Ketch ....and I must admit ..its truly a noteworthy cruiser at only 32 feet in any conditions.
I would agree that it all depends on where you are going. The sloop is simpler the ketch gives you more options. Although, I don’t think a ketch makes much sense until you get into larger boats, say 40 plus. With a sloop on larger boats you are getting into large sails with very large loads on them. Splitting them up (ketch rig) makes sense.

Just my two cents.
Mike, I have sailed on many types and sizes of boat ...and I have to agree with you on the large sloop rigs ...there truly is a LOT of load on the sails, rigging, & lets not forget the load on the ones doing all the hoisting ...*LOL*. Its safe to say so far that it does indeed depend on what type of sailing one is doing...thanks for the input!
My 14' sloop is such a small scale to any of yalls, therefore Im hardly an authority over the matter, but I'll mention Ive heard kudos given to a Ketch, w/ one reef. Hoist the mizzen at anchor has nec.

Yeah neighbor is always anchoring and throwing his mizzen up to keep the boat pointed where he wants it ..a great idea really ...and under sail he has a favorite penchant for what he calls "Jig & Jigger" ....which is his affectioante term for running only the headsail and the mizzen ....I must admit does seem to stabilize the boat nicely!!
The ketch also gives you good balance compared to the sloop. And let's not forget another option: cutters...
Hmmmmm....I guess I kinda forgot all about those classic lines ....Cutters do indeed have their place....great point!!
I sail a Ketch as I sail often by myself and handling smaller sails is inportant. My trip back from Bahama's I even set the spinaker while solo sailing. in heavy air the boat balances great with the genny and mitzen at hull speed.
For blue water cruising a Ketch would be my prefered choice. Although I have a sloop (possibly a cutter when Im done) as my cruiser. The reason for a ketch is so that you will have more sail options. When cruising one would hope you would sail with the trades and not try to fight your way around. For weekend/local cruising I would prefer a sloop for simple ease of handling and pointing ability.
Might I enquire into why you are considering the Cutter option? I'm assuming that it too would pose a lot more sail options while passage making ? Just curious a matter of personal opinion ..I believe that watching a cutter rig in all its glory while under sail is one of the most graceful sites one might see!
Well yes it would be for more cruising options. I would also like to stick a little sprit out there to gain just a tad more canvas for light wind days


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