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At 9:24am on December 16, 2011, ___/)ances With Sails said…

happy holidays richard.  hope yer enjoyin yer new explorations.  keepin ye in mind my friend.  God Bless.


At 9:14am on May 26, 2011, Richard said…

Why don't you ask me a simple question, Pat? Something high is up? much does a boat cost?

This forum restricts comments to 2,000 characters, so I can't give you the answer I want. So I'll say this...Lauderdale became too big, too crowded and too expensive, not to mention the crime. The place I loved turned into a place I couldn't stand over a 40+ year span.

Economics has a lot to do with it. Bottom line, playing around on boats most of my life wasn't financially rewarding and, in retirement, I simply can't afford to live in my own country anymore. Panama has wonderful benefits for retirees and I can afford to live here. It is also listed by Forbes, Money Magazine and others as one of the top 10 places for retirees to live in.

If you'd like to see what I've been doing in the past year it's all on my blog: /

Go back to June 2009 for the start of my time here.

As for boating, the Bocas del Toro archipelago isn't a shabby place for boaters.




At 11:42pm on May 25, 2011, Pat Daly said…

Richard, why did you decide on Panama as your home? Just wondering since Fort Lauderdale is such a great boating related community.


At 11:08pm on March 4, 2010, ___/)ances With Sails said…
Richard, bout time I heard from ye. Let me know th ticker still tickin' Happy Birthday Buddy!

At 11:17am on April 29, 2009, ___/)ances With Sails said…
Can't wait to see your house. Your web page is interesting. You've got some great ideas to go with. Congrads on your've done it all now. I toast ye -cheers!

Keep on keepin on.

At 3:14pm on April 25, 2009, ___/)ances With Sails said…
Hey Richard, how ye been feelin? Havent seen ye round long time. Was wonderin ye still kickin. Started that trip yet? Take it easy friend.
At 2:47pm on March 17, 2009, sailorgirlca said…
Richard, afraid you may have confused me with another.......didn't leave that comment.....don't even know who lew hacklett is......
At 1:48pm on December 1, 2008, ___/)ances With Sails said…
What's your opinion on a '74 ericson 29? Please.
At 10:56pm on November 24, 2008, Manolo said…
I was in a similar situation but I kept the boat. The best trade I ever made
At 9:01am on October 5, 2008, Andrea said…
How's the search going? Franc and I were boatless for about 6 months and it was tough. ...Not having access to go visit the boat and do some projects to prep it for the next sailing season. I found this link for the Albergs. not sure if you have seen it yet, but hopefully it helps.
At 8:58pm on August 23, 2008, Andrea said…
I love your plans. It all sounds so exciting to be able to draw them up and then actually get out there and live the dream.

When we were looking we fell in love with the Aloha's. We ended up going in a different direction, but I still find them so charming.

Best of luck in your boat search -
At 7:43am on August 5, 2008, Richard said…
What kind of boat am I looking for?

Nothing specific, like an Alberg 30 and nothing else, though an Alberg 30 at the right price would be great.

If I could find another Kaiser 26 I'd buy it in a heart beat if it wasn't completely trashed out. Unfortunately only 26 were made, total. Mine was hull #24. You can see it in my photos, and the pic that's on the main page of Sensible Small Boat Cruising was taken through the hatch of same in the middle of the Yucatan Channel somewhere between Isla Mujeres and Cuba.

What I'm looking for has to do more with configuration and condition than model. Something between 26 and 32 feet. Would love a cutter rig. Must have a full keel with keel hung rudder. Esthetics are important, too.

I have what I call "One More Good Adventure" mapped out. I intend on retiring in Panama and am working on aquiring the proper paperwork now. With a decent boat I'd leave from Fort Lauderdale and head over to Grand Bahama and work my way south. I'd go to GB simply so I'd cover the Bahamas completely from top to bottom. Then down through the Windward Passage leaving Jamaica off to starboard in the distance. I'm sure that by the time I get that far I'll be tired of stopping at places that call me "Mon." Hang a right and, with following winds and seas roll on down to Bocas del Toro.
At 2:40am on August 5, 2008, ___/)ances With Sails said…
Where are ye planning to venture off to first?
Im managing to get an idea of the essentials I should be most concerned with for cruising, thoughts (not yet the actual doin) are gradually falling into place. Its pretty intense when planning for the worst, as it seems as I find myself reading with sincerity. Info seems to be just falling in my lap lately. Without a moment really to absorb each scenerio (though it seems) I find myself moving on to another and another. Though not hands on dealing with realities, the constant lapses of situaitons conveyed through memoirs does get the heart racing. Antipating dealing with my own instances!
Just Wild!
What kind of boat ye lookin for?
At 12:23pm on August 1, 2008, ___/)ances With Sails said…
Hope yer feeling better these days.

At 10:04am on July 23, 2008, LOLA said…
They are having fun with you...go look
At 7:49am on July 23, 2008, LOLA said…
Hi Richard....You have your picture at the top of Page....HOW ABOUT THAT......
At 7:49am on July 23, 2008, LOLA said…
Hi Richard....You have your picture at the top of Page....HOW ABOUT THAT......
At 12:39pm on June 25, 2008, Jen said…
hi Richard :)
enjoyed your SV Athena stories ;)
Although it's considered bad luck to change names of boats... I actually renamed the 1978 Bristol to Athena a little over a year ago, with much fan fair, of course, to appease the gods ;)
If you're intrigued of the ceremony... scroll way way down to the almost end of the following page of entries on my blog to check out how I did the denaming and renaming :)
At 5:05am on June 17, 2008, ___/)ances With Sails said…
Yeah, nice pics and commendable resume as well.

Mucho Kudos!

At 5:38pm on June 13, 2008, Richard said…
Banana Wind...that lil isle is Rendezvous Caye in Belize.

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