Land Yacht (above) Versus Mobile Home (below)

In contemplating the difference between living on the water versus living on land I asked the question What is Sailing?

What is sailing? Is it not breathing fresh air? Does it not include a quiet segue from day into night? Would it entail lying a foot or two away from someone you love? What about meeting new friends? Making acquaintances as you pass on the road of life? Is competition a driving force? Must you only compete in a sanctioned event? Can you simply drift with the current? What about visiting foreign lands? Perhaps sail in your own backyard?Heck some have been known to sail in their bathtub, or in their dreams, or even while walking a buggy trail?

Blogging is cathartic. It allows one to express thoughts without fear of perfecting a novel. Good grammar, proper spelling, and a topic of interest to others prevails. Yet, for me, blogging is a means of sharing what one learns while enticing others to do the same.

From sailing I learned to set goals. Well, sort of. I was learning to sail when blessed with an incredible mentor who had just the ingredient I needed to finally feel successful in life. I was about 31 years old and recently married.  A year before making the ultimate commitment til death due us part I bought my first sailboat. Coincidently it was during these early years of marriage that Libby Schmidt became my boss. She had been a school counselor's counselor. A kind lady with a passion for providing the skills, support and encouragement school counselors crave. What sold me was the introduction to a canned program called the VEG, Vocational Education something or other. Setting goals not only propelled my passion for sailing it secured my ability to get along with others.

The VEG was designed for middle school students. For me, it was a life changing experience. I learned to set long, short and intermediate goals. Years later Steven Covey reminded the world the importance of starting with the ends in mind. How do you know which way to go if you don't know where you want to end up? That question plagues me to this day.

Back in the 1980s I wanted to win a sailboat race. Even more ambitious I wanted to sail alone around the world. I am not going to dwell on those details. Some have appeared in previous blogs while others are yet to be written. For tonight I want the world to know I am a bit perplexed about using sea knots as my life on board SPRAY shifts to living on board COUPLESHIP. To help clarify my dilemma with which blog site is appropriate, I will clue you  by sharing my new business e-mail address. 

It is the one I now use for online orders, companies who want to send me stuff, and anything related to business. --

Because now that is what I do, I sail and I hike.

If anyone out there in blog reader land wants to chat I prefer you use my old faithful e-mail:

In my new life as an unwed wife, sassy seems a little silly. It is the silly, free spirited girl I need to keep alive. Being both a sailor and a hiker as I live with my mate til we die seems more subdued, perhaps more mature. I don't know. I am also keeping this information on another blog. That is, if I can remember how to access it. Supposedly bloodspot has a wider readership which may help me if I ever get my book written. 

For those keeping up, my sweetie and I are on a Texas bound Tent Camping Trip. Today is day 2. We are camped at a quiet, clean, and organized state park just north of NOLA,,,,It is peaceful and feels safe enough for me to take a brisk walk before sun up. The icing on this little park's cake is free wi-fi. Yipe I am typing this from inside my tent. No need to use my personal hotspot.

Also, for those so inclined I have become addicted to a game called Words with Friends. I play using my iPhone. 

Anyway, keep sharing your thoughts. Eat healthy, exercise, and share a smile a day....


P>S> the above picture of this cute little yurt was taken in Maine during a hike last summer. For more information about this model for my future house please e-mail me or reply to this blog. It was a mile long hike through an interesting tree lined path from where we parked the car. It's just too late for me to get a pix of this site at this hour......that's another story. just enjoy what you get! 

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