Wit h the whole Bermuda trip a part of my personal history it is amazing at how life's little toils catcth up. Some might call it the old grind, but the heck with the Negative Nancy attitude. Every single moment whether you are out at sea, wrestling with your garage door that managed to get stuck between your car's bumper and its trailer hitch, or simply lazzing about a backyard swimming pool, there is joy.

Take today for an example. after waking up to soothing ool shower I realized I had already made the bed. A habit my mom instilled. I smooth out the sheets (the ones on the bed not the ones on the boat), beat the pillows til they fluff , then carefully lay the customed tee shirt decorated quilt over the top of everything. The big deal of the day was when I skipped out of the tax assessors office with my receipt for finally paying my 2011 overdue taxes, complete with a $200 penalty fee.

I usually get things like tax payments done on time, even early. But their system confused me. Being a part of our wonderful federal government ambiguity should be no surprise. Despite my grumbling at how much I pay in property taxes, I have yet to find somewhere else I would rather live.

Soon I expect to be visiting Providence, Rhode Island and sailing over to Block Island. There are potential living quarters everywhere one travels. Though I doubt I'd ever live in a cold climate again, the prospect of what might await is enticing. Sure it's a quick expensive trip but I've already sweetened it up by treatis with my brothers and sister to another possible sail past Lady Liberty. Plans have  not been finalized yet, as juggling the schedules of 5 fun loving, busy people presents its challenes. As much as I look forward to this adventure, if the plans fall through, 'Oh well!" I'll just smile while getting back to planning the ultimate cruise. 

After all the shakedown  to Bermusda proved SPRAY is seaworthy, my time with friends genuine, and the solitude quite nice. So, ta ta, til I get the pictures posted and quips dialogued. In the meantime remember to breath that sweet smell of success!


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