Last weekend we finally went sailing again. Between our vacation in Turkey (a week and two weekends) and the weekend we spent doing chores we hadn't had a chance to get out on the water for almost a month!

This time, we sailed down to the Raritan Yacht Club where Thad and Kristi of City Bumpkin were hosting the Summer Equator. We had a fantastic sail with Dan and Patrice as crew. We had drinks at the yacht club bar overlooking the harbor with live jazz and great company, followed by dinner at The Barge just across the street. With 17 people at the table (including the crews of Eliora, Splendido, Daisy Mae, MyMaria and EmmieLou) the party was guaranteed. It was great to get everyone together and the food was very tasty. The lobster was as good as it would be in the NE area.

That night (one of the hottest ones of the year) we stayed at a guest mooring. Jeff & Linda and Michael & Daniel were stayng over so the party continued in our cockpit with some guitar playing and late night conversation.

The return sail was "a breeze", no pun intended! We sailed mostly downwind on the same tack all the way. The only exception was a quick tack we had to make to avoid hitting the Verrazzano that cost us a hatch. With the heat (and going downwind) there was no way to be down below without some air. But when a jib sheet decided to go loose flying over the deck and grabbed the handle, the whole thing went flying leaving a big hole and a crack across the hatch. Back at the marina, Andrea was able to rig a quick duct-tape job that allowed us to close the hatch and pevent water from coming in before the evening storms started hitting.

This was a memorable weekend that reminded us of the great group of people we've met in the last 5 years of sailing in the NY harbor: from Chuck and Sandra, who we met the day we were picking up our first boat the year we got married to Pete and Janice who we just met via SeaKnots.

Clearly, the Equator traditions that bring so many of our friends together are here to stay and this year we have Thad and Kristi to thank for the most successful one to date yet!

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