In my last post I lamented about the challenges of selecting compatable crew. Having had three team members seek greener pastures, I was torn between frustration and disappointment. The disappointment arose when I questioned for a moment the consequences of my behavior which led to a divorce from a trio I had come to care about. The frustration was facing the challenge of seeking replacements. Fortunately, finding replacements was easier than I thought. Wtihin an hour any sadness I felt was drained away by my usual optimism. No longer content to be the Fast Lane Ladies Team, our four dedicated crew, Maryanne, Meg, Monica and myself, vowed to become fabulous.

Two days later, I ran into a sailboarding mate whom I hadn't seen in some 18 years. She eagerly joined our Fabulous Fast Lane Ladies Team, bringing her expertise as a professional ski coach with her. Then, one of our alternate crew introduced me to a friend who has foredeck and small boat experience. The third recruit was someone I overlooked during the past year. How narrowminded that I did not spot this diamond in the rough despite several casual conversations at the local club!

The feedback from my sea knots friends reminded me that crew compatability is a priority. Since these new recruits joined our team everyone's spirits seem lifted. There's an air of laughter, respect for each other, and an understanding of everyone's strengths and weaknesses. There is no hesitation. We practice more intently, laugh louder, and keep each other on task. O.K. so we still haven't won that elusive first place trophy but our recent 2nd place finish was inspiring.

Another source of inspiration came from a post I found earlier today. It is called "Messing Around in Boats." In a 2007 entry someone rated the ten best bars for sailors to hang out at. I was so surprised to see the Annpolis Bar & Grill listed as #2. Why? Because a year ago April, when I was visiting this famed sailing town to interview Gary Jobson, I strolled into the bar for lunch. Within minutes a nice gentleman engaged me in a conversation. I later featured his picture in a presentation I made about my solo sailing up the Chesapeake and around Abaco. There are so many nice people in this world. What a pleasant surprise to see one of the best places I found for lunch and camraderie amongst otherwise strangers listed as the second best sailors' bar in the country.

One more thing about hanging out with sailors. One of my favorite writers/speakers is Dennis Waitley. Just this morning he was iterating about the impact kindness has on spectators. It's not just those who are kind that feel good, and it's not just the those who receive kindness that receive inner peace, it is those who observe the kindness being rendered whose aura also glows.

So, to culminate today's blog I leave you with the words Nat King Cole sings so eloquently, "...And I say to myself, What a Wonderful World."

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