SeaKnots didn't start out to be moving day.....I loaded the car to the roof (for the third time) and set off on the 3 hour trek to Kinsale. (First time I got there and was informed the marina was holding the boat for debts, second time I destroyed a tire about halfway there and had to return home....)

A little are the photos of the marina and boat from when I bought it back at the end of May, when I found out it wasn't really mine after all......
You can see that the marina has seen better days.

Anyway, after a late start and a pit stop to vote, I got there and found this:

The marina was deserted. The docks were under water. I actually braved the flood and waded out to the end where my boat was to find there was no way I was actually going to be able to get on it. Had a winch fall out of the bag and disappear forever. My boat had sustained some damage to the hull as it was slamming into the top of the piling. As I was standing there wondering what ELSE could go wrong, a boat went by out on the river. As I watched the waves roll even higher over the dock in disgust and amazement I noticed many of the boards bobbing up and down as they were apparently only attached at on end. That was it. I had visions of all the boards drifting away one by one as I stood on an island of intact dock that kept shrinking. I even more gingerly waded back to the car and tried to keep from crying. So I was standing there, trying to figure out what the heck to do and angrier than I have been in a long time. I was perilously close to saying "screw this" and walking away from the boat for good. I pulled up the tide tables on my phone and found it was almost high tide. I decided I would go drive around and check out the other marinas in the area.....while there are quite a few, only two have the equipment to haul a sailboat. So I might have had to haul it at one place and move it again afterwards. I had been told to stay away from Port Kinsale (which was one of the two) as it was the most expensive marina around. I figured I'd go sightsee and come back at low tide and try again.

Well, none of these marinas are on my gps and the phone wasn't working great out in the boonies either. So I set off blindly, remembering I had driven by Kinsale Bridge Rd and thinking it had to lead to the bridge that leads into downtown Kinsale. I found the road, and immediately saw signs for White Point Marina and Port Kinsale Marina. I came to Port Kinsale first and decided to check it out despite the naysayers. I got out of the car, took a couple photos, and some guy came zooming up on a huge lawnmower. (I actually thought it was a golf cart!) I must have looked a bit distraught as he asked if I needed help.

I told him I had bought a 22' sailboat and was looking for a place to keep it, and that I needed it hauled, scraped and bottom painted. He said, "Well we can sure do the work, be glad to, but I don't know if you want to keep it here, we're the most expensive marina around. A slip at Kinsale Harbor just down the road would probably only cost half what we charge." I was suprised, that's pretty refreshing. He told me the fees for the hauling and whatnot and they were all comparable to what I'd seen other places. He said, "We can do it today, you wanna bring the boat over?" I said, "Well, I can't really do think it's possible someone could go get it for me?" He said "Sure!" Two mechanics jumped in a little runabout and zoomed off. It was about 1.5 miles away by water. They towed it back....they were back so quickly I didn't even see them coming. I didn't even ask before they left what that was gonna cost me, I didn't care at that point. The situation had to be taken care of. When they totaled up my bill, the tow charge was $100. I was thrilled. Talk about money well spent.

Anyway, when they hauled the boat it had barnacles like I've never seen. It was awful. They scraped for at least an hour. I have decided to leave it out for the winter and try to get some work done on it. Then in the spring I think I want to keep it there. They have a bar and restaurant, showers, wi-fi, water and electric at each slip, kayak/dinghy storage, a little store, a screened in deck overlooking the water, a pool, some cottages and a B&B, and a campground. I'm in the mood for amenities, and if this place is $2000 per year and the other place is $1000....well it isn't that much more money in the big scheme of things. And these people seem super nice and not looking to gouge a new boater.

Here are lots of photos of the marina and the haulout and also Kinsale Harbor Marina. Kinsale Harbor was a charming place too. However, it didn't look like they have electricity at the docks, and the restaurant/office/store is closed Mon-Tue. Which just so happens to be my days off. No repair facilities at all, either. So I'm leaning towards Port Kinsale.
Oh, and one thing I didn't think of when I ventured out onto that flooded dock at Sandy Point......a guy I worked with said, "Wow, good thing you didn't have electric there." I never even thought of that. I didn't, but there were outlets at some of the slips. I'm very lucky that there were no cords in the water. I'm so glad to be out of there. I felt like a big weight is off my chest. My shoes are still wet today. Unreal.

Hopefully it gets better from here.

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Comment by sailorgirlca on November 11, 2009 at 4:48pm
Gail: yes surely do it gets better for you from here !! Appears you have been through quite something to get the boat you wanted.....she is worth it!! Do hope things get better for you and that you can begin to really enjoy/appreciate your new boat.......proud to read that you are a levellled headed lady....dianne
Comment by Larry Wilson on November 6, 2009 at 9:40am
Okay, that clears things up. Thanks for the update. I was just totally lost. lol Glad you got it all worked out. Welcome to the world of sailboat ownership!!!!!
Fair Winds,
Larry Wilson
Comment by Gail K. on November 6, 2009 at 1:51am
Hi Larry,
I bought the boat from a Craigslist ad back in late May. It was super cheap, the guy who was selling it was an older gent and he said he was a two boat owner and just had to get rid of one. He told me the boat could stay where it was and the slip rent was $55 per month. Very cheap. So I went down to look at the boat and decided to buy it. The owner was a no-show that day which was pretty annoying as it's a long drive, and no one from the marina was around either. But I saw enough of the boat to decide I wanted it, and enough of the marina to decide I didn't really want to stay there.

I paid for the boat, there were no liens on the title, and I loaded up the car for the trip down. Got there, and almost immediately met the marina owner, who informed me that the guy who sold the boat to the guy I bought it from owed the marina a ton of money and the boat couldn't leave the slip until that was paid. Apparently the guy I bought it from had only bought it himself a month or so before, and when he found out about the problem decided to dump the boat on some other unsuspecting person. I thought about pursuing getting my money back but I figured it would be futile, not to mention I really wanted the boat. I was told the guy who owed the money was working on a payment plan so I decided to wait and see what happened.

The second time I loaded up the car to try and work on the boat, which I wasn't even sure I wanted to do since the ownership was up in the air, I ran over something on I-95 about halfway there and destroyed a tire. By the time that was all fixed it was getting too late and I turned around and went home. I lost heart at that point and just tried to pretend I never wanted a boat as the summer ticked away.

A couple weeks ago I got the call that I was free. The debt had finally been paid. I was happy. So I loaded the car to the gills for the third time and set off on the trek. When I got there and saw the flooded docks and the damage that had been done by the boat being higher than the pilings I was at the end of my rope. I'm sure happy I got the boat out of there and safely up on the hard so I can get it ready for spring.
Comment by Larry Wilson on November 5, 2009 at 10:31pm
Somewhere I missed the first two trips. You bought the boat, but you couldn't take possession? Did you buy it sight unseen? Can you fill in the gaps? I sense a very interesting story..

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