When earning my degree of Doctor of Education it was said that a main advantage of having acquired such an accolade was that it brought a certain right. When asked what the 'right' was, I was told I would have the right to answer any question with the preference, "It depends." No one knew at that time that I was serious about solo sailing. Truly, this adventure sailing offshore from Port Canaveral, Florida to Sandy Hook New Jersey has been all about depending on the weather.

O.K. I've come into port 3 times; twice because of my concern over engine and fuel operations and once to surprise a friend who had an unfortunate event occur so she wouldn't make it for the surprise. So, here I sit in the area of Atlantic City that Donald Trump had no impact on. It is not Donald's fault I am being held hostage here. Rather it is that silly phenomenom we call weather.

Two men at Ketterman's Marina are betting on the morning forecast. Capt. Ed believes the wind will shift to the west about 5 am allowing me to sail away. Capt. Ed runs the local Boat U.S. rescue franchise. The other gentlement, Merv Westcott is a proud winner of at least two Moth National Championships. Merv predicts i will be staying for a 3rd day.

I only know I am getting tired right now and as my world of sailing now evolves around the weather, I need to learn more about it. So depending on how sleepy I am by the time I crawl out of these damp clothes, then crawl up into my bunk, will depend on how much more I learn about the weather.

Hopefully, I can sail or even motor north tomorrow. I'm tired of staying here. Atlantc City is just way to city for me, although there were some shining stars I met along my stroll down the world's most famous boardwalk.


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Comment by Suky Cannon on July 12, 2012 at 11:34pm

Marlene.... you are an inspiraton and indeed it is all about the weather and winds. The more I sail and cruise, the more I know you better not have a schedule... it's a devil in the details.

sending fairwinds ... be well, my friend !!!!

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