People say I'm no good, I'm crazy as a loon, cause I sail a 3 hulled sailboat and cruise it all by myself....
My apologies to Charlie Daniels for the minor plagarism but I got carried away with the confidence that comes from stepping outside my comfort zone while pursuing some fangled idea that has plagued me most of my life. No one in my family, immediate or ancestory, has had a kinship with the sea except for me. Where it came from I have no idea. When my unforseen life changing event occurred 20 months ago there was no reason NOT to go it alone, as I had dreamed it to be. It seemed so simple.
Buy a seaworthy boat based on testimony from trusted folk, learn as much as I can from experts in the field, surround myself with believers and la, la, la, tra de da, untie the lines and off I go. In general I sailed solo from Port Canaveral Yacht Club to Atlantic City where I picked up Maryanne. Straight upwind we motored about 100 miles in 3 to 4 foot seas. A few days later we headed in a southeasterly direction on starboard tack until we were safely anchored in St. George's, Bermuda. After a week of shenanigans, Maryanne rode the pink bus to the airport. Then, I set sail all by myself on my private floating island. . .
More details upon request. Love ya' all,,,,SASSEA

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Comment by Steve on July 29, 2012 at 8:36pm

"More details upon request."

More requested.

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