Truth is it is not quite midnight. Unable to fall asleep after crawling into bed more than an hour ago it was back to an old habit. Rather than lie there tossing and turning I pledged years ago that I would make better use of my time. Listening to my mind ramble on about things like paying $6000 in federal income tax is insane. Although I have a plan to lower my debt to Uncle Sam in the year 2014, there is not much I can do at this hour to amend my 2013 finances.

Whether my mind is or is not a part of me, as proclaimed in the book the Untethered Soul, getting my silent chatter to shut up requires action. So, I got out of bed in search of a comfort food. Thankfully sweets are not kept in the house. The nearest Dunkin Donuts is forty miles away. Our pantry is chock full of nuts although Crunching in this barely insulated open plan cracker house would surely wake my mate. In the fridge I spied a small container with left over something. Taking a chance I opened the lid to find a pile of sliced beets drowning in their canned syrup. Hmm yum I proclaimed. Who would have thought this strikingly tasteful healthy veggie would satisfy my need?

So it is, my 66 years of life has resorted to beets versus sleep. Now, it is back to bed where I can conjur up the words to describe how I got back on land...stay tuned as my adventure continues.

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