Someone recently responded to a kid's complaining that a class was boring by stating, 'boring people are bored.' I understand the premise. On my list of concepts to research is now boredom. Perhaps people just substitute the word boredom for feeling lazy. Boredom seems to imply it is someone else's fault that one is not motivated to do anything, whereas lazy puts the responsibility on one's self. Anyway, my point is someone dear to me recently said they were bored. I refrained from saying, "You must be a boring person." It sounded insulting so I softly said, "Yea, sometimes life is boring."

Why do I bring this up? Because during my 62 day cruise I never had a second of boredom. Now that I am back home I am challenged by getting my laundry caught up, cleaning out my clothes closet for another school year, cleaning my sunfish, racing my sunfish, engaging with my women's sailing team, practicing for our next women's regatta, maintaining SPRAY's dock lines, training my dog Sammy (aka "My Lady"), planning a slumber party and going to work. There is so much more I want to do, like take my boogie board to the beach, kayak, organize my photos, find my Olympus point and shoot camera and relax in my pool. One thing is for sure, I cut up my credit card this morning and will once again start documenting my cash flow............Bored, NOT I.

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Comment by DONNA DREW on August 28, 2009 at 11:00pm
I wish I could remember what bored really means. I work full time run my own arena and have four boys lol
Comment by Liv on August 15, 2009 at 9:17pm
Im reading this with a smile on my face...:-)
I know many bored and boring people and it's because of this I don't have many friends. LOL
I don't deal with 'boring' very well.
It's a matter of fact, I can't be bothered with 'boring' . I have too much to do, to say, to act on to dream of, to live for, to even die for.

Thank God my husband supports me in all of this. I keep him busy. He gets that 'scared look' on his face when I tell him " I have another idea'.. , yes ,another one.
I think most of us who love the water share our dreams, get that bigger boat, take more time to explore the world. If the entire world is too far, explore the bay just beyond the horizon.

So, here's from one not so boring person to another..:-)

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