Every day that I wake up away from the city chaos is a day that I take the time to enjoy and take it all in. Today for instance, the weather isn't beaming sunshine yet when I woke up and looked out the porthole, it was just magical.

It reminded me of the beauty life has to offer if you step back and take a few moments to appreciate it. Right now I am wondering why I asked that we leave Saturday morning instead of Friday evening. I lost the opportunity on Saturday to enjoy waking up to a beautiful anchorage. So what if we would have hit some showers along the would have been worth it to enjoy waking up in a beautiful bay. I am blogging about this so I never convince myself to wait out the rain or any other excuse to hold off on leaving on a Friday evening versus Saturday morning.

We are here today so I am enjoying it. We are currently moored in Oyster Bay. It was probably an early morning fisherman going out for his catch of the day that woke me up this morning. I do not mind, I find it so tranquil this hour of the morning. To wake up to the sights that I did today, I am glad the roll woke me.

Everyone else is still fast asleep. They will experience this magic in a few hours....waking up in a beautiful bay.

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