I'd like to hear more on th subject of wind generators, as Im at this moment considerin my options in choosing batteries, recharging and living happily ever after.  Im tryin to become less green about livin green.

Im considerin th bare min on amp draw, not having a/c, fridge nor a hot water heater.  I plan to discipline myself and conserve usage, but rechargin is inevitable.

I am plannin to up my alternators output.  my other option is run a battery charger off th 2k gas gen occasionally to assist, but runnin of engines I prefer to leave to a last resort.  Its possible i will add a wind gen. to cut time of engine runnin, but im YET to be sold on any one brand.

Since wind gen's offer more bang fer yer buck than solar, and im in th market, I would like to hear from those who have had extensive experience from CURRENT leading wind generator brands (or success stories of homemade contraptions.)  I can read loaded reviews from product sites, but I'd like to hear from those of you who i trust are equiped sailors.

How has been yer experience with th brands' customer support?  Does th make and model you use offer descent output in minimal winds? I realize th max. output specified fer each generator is rarely reached due to intermitent wind speeds, but, Im askin what ye have, do ye like it and or what do ye wish ye had and why?  Testimonies of less effective wind generators are appreciated as well.

Thanks a mill in advance!


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