All knowing list....I have a new question.

My boat is 9 years old now, and the teak seats are beginning to have metal "brads" sticking up out of the teak. My teak has weathered, as I am of the  natural teak camp, not varnishing or oiling heavily. Has anyone else seen this? Did Beneteau use brads of some sort along with the mastic? I plan on taking a small grinding bit on my dremel tool and touching each one until they are no longer standing proud, then do a little light sanding. Thoughts and knowledge solicited. Picture enclosed (see small black/ dark dots.Those are the metal tits)

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I have used Boracol treatment once or twice a year. Keeps the black spots away, maintaining a grey patina.  



Sam, I have not seen anything like that on my or others 40/43s. I don't understand why they would even do such a thing considering there's no other material they could drive a brad into. Grinding the tops off flush sounds like the right thing to do.
Good luck
October Moon

Answer received from local dealer.

"I received an answer today after I shot gunned another field rep along with the one I hit up a couple weeks back.  I’ve attached a couple of photos showing the teak panels Beneteau installs.  They are made up of teak strips that are more or less stapled on to a flexible backing.


Apparently the one field rep has seen this issue one other time. He explained that the product can be worn down over time from cleaning and sanding.  That the staples are hidden well into the wood but excessive wear and cleaning over time, can remove enough wood material to allow them to show.  His only suggestion was to remove and replace the teak panels, which does require a bit of work to get them off. Replacements might be available that I could price up for you, if you would get me the hull number of your boat."

Ugh.I plan on trying my dremel tool and very light sanding on the worse offending brads and see,,,,,

Will let you know my results


LONGHAWK B43, 2008,hull#9




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