Hello, All.  Hope someone can help.

I have a BEN OC 43 2010 (2 cabin).

I need to order a replacement part for the acrylic hatch lens for the hatch in the fwd head.  I believe the manufacturer is Lewmar, and Model 10 (low profile); however, there appears to be two versions Mrk 1 and Mrk 2.  The cost is about $110 USD.

Unfortunately, I do not presently have physical access to my boat, and I am hopeful that someone can confirm the make/model number.

As an aside, the lens needs to be replaced as the hatch handle delaminated from the acrylic lens.  I did some reading online, and someone is advising that is could be repaired by using Plexus A310.  The cost is about $40 USD.

If anyone wishes to weigh-in on replace vs repair, all advice/comments are welcome.

Thank you, in advance.


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Here is a link to the Lewmar file that describes how to identify if your hatch is MK1 or MK2




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