I made a stupid mistake and forgot to check the measurements for my broken Kanzaki KM35P dipstick length before making up a new one.( The one pictured is the wrong length) Does anyone know the correct length for the dipstick on a kanzaki KM35P? To the low oil mark? I should have the correct amount of oil in the transmission and I thought I cut the new dipstick to the correct length but something is wrong as the dipstick shows no oil(not screwed in) Many thanks.

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I have no idea how long it is and can't measure for you as I'm nowhere near the boat. I do know there are different lengths with each having their own part number. You may be able to find an engine/transmission dealer such as Mack Boring that can tell you. Or better yet sell you one. I don't believe they're expensive.
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I am sorry not being able to tell you the measurement you need as I am very far from my boat. Once, I ordered one from a dealer and the piece was longer than the original one, so I returned instead of cutting it. Note that the hight mark is more or less where you have the black ring in your picture and the lower mark is the bottom of the dipstick.

The reason that I am posting this is the follows: it seems the dipstick breaks a lot specially if people screw it when checking the oil level (Yanmar recommends to check the level with the dipstick inserted but not screwed); giving its relative high price I will keep my broken dipstick to use it when I need to check the oil; during normal operation I will be using a cap like this one that I ordered 2 days ago:

I read in the net that the dipstick thread is M18 X 1.5 mm but I am not sure. I will be making a 1,5 mm diameter hole on the cup to work as a vent and to allow air to escape when the temperature gets higher inside the gearbox.

Regards, Luis


I learned the hard way that you will discover that just drilling a vent hole through the threaded plug that you are considering will result in transmission oil coming out. When the transmission is running it sprays oil quite forcefully under the dipstick hole. You will need a splash shield to prevent oil from coming through a vented plug. Yanmar's design relies on the dipstick tube to act as a shield so that oil does not get forced out the dipstick cap vent.

I have made a proper vented aluminum cap to replace the plastic Yanmar cap that works with the existing Yanmar dipstick tubes. I also made correct length and marked dipstick tubes for the KM35A, KM2P(-1) and KM3P and KM5A transmissions. Everything is hard anodized to prevent corrosion.

Checkout for more information.




Thank you Bob for the advice on the vent cap. Your dipstick looks perfect!

Regards, Luis

I got tired of replacing the plastic dip stick cap/tube assembly every 2-3 years. Seems no matter how careful I was, the plastic cap/threaded portion eventually shears off. I suspect that the plastic is slowly degraded by contact with the transmission oil combined with heat.

So, I made a replacement out of anodized aluminum that can have the existing Yanmar dipstick tube inserted into it or it comes with a new dipstick tube. See the attached pictures.

The one shown is for a Yanmar KM35A transmission and is a direct replacement for Yanmar part 177070-62450. I have since verified that this is the correct part number for the dip stick on a KM35A. Some had posted in this group earlier that PN 177074-02454 was the part number for the KM 35A dipstick but that turns out to be incorrect.

Yanmar part 177074-02454 is the dip stick for a KM3A1 or KM4A1 transmission and it is .875" (7/8") longer than the 177070-62450 dipstick for the KM35A.

I am offering these hard annodized aluminum versions for sale both as a complete assembly (YM1001-01) to replace the Yanmar part 177070-62450 for the KM35A and similar and also just the cap (YM1001-00) that can be used with any existing Yanmar transmission dipstick that has the same type of hollow dipstick tube. So you can purchase just the Cap only (YM1001-00) and take the hollow tube out of the original Yanmar plastic cap (just push the tube up into the cap and a plastic insert will pop out of the Yanmar cap to allow the tube to be removed) and put it into my aluminum cap and no more plastic cap problems.


Part number Description Price
YM1001-00 Dipstick Cap only  to replace the plastic cap
Can be used with original Yanmar dipstick tube
YM1001-01 Dipstick/tube assembly for Yanmar KM35A (replaces 177070-62450) $85
YM1001-02 Dipstick/tube assembly for Yanmar KM2P(-1) and KM3P (replaces 177088-02451) $85
YM1001-03 Dipstick/tube assembly for Yanmar KM5A (replaces 177074-02500) $85

Yes, I know - more than twice the price of the Yanmar part but it will be the last one you'll ever buy and you won't discover a bilge full of transmission oil while you are cruising because the plastic part broke.

I can be reached via email at or by telephone 310-736-4376

Bob Atkins
Cariblue Marine

Here is a link to the pictures of the parts.


Bob Atkins  
Parts and Supplies for your boat
Unique and custom OEM replacement parts
Phone: (310) 736-4376


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