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I am finding water migrating from the aft area through the limber hole into the center bilge area. See picture. I have encountered the leaking aft water tank and change out that tank previously. I do not believe it is the aft shower drain either. I am open to other ideas.


s/v Longhawk

B43 2008 hull #9

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We had the rear AC condensation pump fail and then it used the gravity drain which exits behind the engine and comes thru those limber holes. Keep us posted

Like Peter we too had the rear AC condensation pump fail. It took quite some time to find as I never saw any condensation in the pan beneath the unit. Somehow it was missing the pan and dripping into the bilge and through the limber holes. Rather than replace the condensation pump, which have a high failure rate, I re-plumbed the drain tube into a large plastic bottle I fixed in the bilge below the AC unit. I then ran a tube from the bottle to a venturi device that I installed in the discharge hose just before it exits the hull. While I bought all the parts separately Mermaid makes a kit that has everything you need.

Good luck


October Moon

Thanks guys for your ideas. I have previously addressed the rear AC condensate. I determined that this was a water heater leak . The fitting where the engine coolant enters the hot water heater was leaking when the temperature raised upon motoring after a while. It was leaking fresh water, not engine coolant.It seems to be a pressed metal fit and not welded there. I changed the water heater. This one lasted 6 years.


I had our tank leak but on the coolant side and like you I replaced the entire tank. I had to replace the anti scald valve as that was part of the leak. The new valve , which is adjustable, now lets us have hot water for showers, etc in 20-30 mins versus and hour or better for marginally warm water. Apparently the original valve was faulty from the beginning.




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