Well Im finally starting to get things off the ground and thought I would share my new site with you. I am making cannons in bronze to fire golf balls. The entire piece is wood/bronze/copper/brass/stainless so it is perfect for a marine enviroment.

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That looks like just the thing for this ex-Redleg's boat. But perhaps a swivel gun would be better.

I have a question though: dwhat is the ignition system used? Match?
Do the golf balls cause damage? One ball at a time? Use powder w the golf balls?.. Just when do you plan to use?
I use a safety fuse for ignition and a small lighter (windproof works best). Im working on a swivel gun but dont have it finished yet. A golf ball is fired using powder yes. The ball will go 4-500 feet, when you compare this to driving a golf ball with a club going 2-300 yards it is clear that the powder puts less force on the golf ball. So realistically sing you can light it and step back it is safer than being around someone driving golf balls.
this is the most perfect use for golf balls I have ever seen.!
Very good point...ha ha


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