Dear Good Old Boat Subscriber,
>Something just came up that you (or someone you know) may want to know.
>Holly Siegel sent this message:
>"I have a 1962 Seafarer Polaris, 26 feet, designed by William Tripp. My
>husband was restoring her until he became ill and passed away. I have
>been trying to sell her for a year with no luck. At this time my
>landlords are threatening to destroy her if I don't have her out of
>here by January 1. I just heard of your website. Maybe you'd have an
>Since that message -- with an impossible deadline -- arrived, we have
>had several email conversations with Holly. Knowing that there is hope
>for the boat, her landlords have postponed the deadline until January
>31. Her Seafarer Polaris is located in Delmar, Delaware, and is being
>offered free to a good home.
>Holly attached a photo of the boat. We have posted it for you onn this
>page: .
>Holly's email address is: svenskaflicka728@, or you can call her
>cell phone: 302-258-4919.
>This is the sort of project boat that might get a new good old boater
>started or it might be just right for you or another reader like you.
>At any rate, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for
>subscribing and to wish you a healthy and happy year ahead.
>Happy New Year from Karen, Jerry, and the Good Old Boat crew!

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Where are the pictures of this Free boat ?
here is the link.
check out this magazine
All the info I have you have too within the message "I" forwarded. I just forwarded this from another Group!
The owners name, Tel # & e-mail address were included. I know nothing more about what I read, like you.




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