We are planning to go to the North part of the Berry's from Miami in  July
and if anybody is going in the same direction around that time maybe possible to make the crossing together.
Also looking for any tips in the Berry's, this will be our first time there.

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Jaime, I've been to the Berrys from Chub Cay to Great Harbor and spent about 3 to 4 weeks there a couple of years ago (I just got back from the Abacos 2 weeks ago) If you tell me the draft of you boat the cays you will be visiting and the lenght of time, I can tell you the places I anchored and some cool places to vist. Have fun!

This will be our first time there. Great harbour. I would appreciate if you can tell me the places to explore and good anchorages
My boat has 5f draft
Jaime, Great Harbor Cay has a nice marina, Great Harbor Cay Marina 360 protection and is the only place in the northern Berry’s. The entrance to Great Harbor is thru a channel that was cut thru a bluff not difficult at all. I recommend you use the Explorer Chartbook Near Bahamas by Monty and Sara Lewis has all the waypoints and routs to the Beery Islands.
There is a restaurant adjacent to the marina with a pool that has good food (this was 3 years ago when I was there) and also there is a little convenience store nearby. The Beach Club on the east side of the island has great burgers and is on a large beach with great views.
When I visited Great Harbor I rented an open type jeep for a day and went all over the island, after that I used my folding bike to go to some of the near places, such as Bullocks Harbor Settlement, which has some home type restaurants with home cooked meals.
From Great Harbor south (you have to go around the north of Stirrup Cays and into the Northwest Providence Channel) to Fish Market Cay, these are nice and it will take you about a day sail. (Always arrive in day light so you can pick your anchorage) you can anchor behind Fish Market Cay or a little further south at the north end of Hoffmans Cay, follow the Explorer Chartbook recommendations and you can’t miss.
If you got time Hoffmans Cay has a Blue hole which is very interesting. I’m not sure that with your draft you can sail on the west side of Hoffmans, you might have to go back out and then south to waypoint “Devil Cay” behind White Cay there is a small anchorage with white sand for the bottom and good protection, but it is small maybe for two to three boats. From here you can explore the surrounding cays and get to Hoffmans Blue hole.
And if you got more time!!! You can head south to Flo’s Conch bar & restaurant in Little Harbor Cay, go to Little Harbor waypoint and follow the instructions on Explorer Chartbook. Better to anchor west of Cabbage Cay and then dinghy in, or if your draft permits go around Comfort Cay and anchor between the north end of Comfort Cay and the north end of Little Harbor Cay. You must call Flo on the vhf for reservations early in the morning.
Let me know if this helps, and if you have any questions I’ll be glad to give you my email address so we can communicate. I reside in Miami so maybe we could meet when you head this way.
thanks Jorge
my boat has 5ft draft. your information is very good
me reside in Miami and our email is
would like to communicate with you, we have many questions.
thanks again


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