Has anyone taken a "BENATEAU" way offshore??I really like the way they look,,but,,some have told me they are great for coastal sailing,,but,,no way would they take one to Hawaii,or attempt around the world on one,,i find this hard to believe,,Has anyone done these sails,,if so what do you say?? thank-you for your time

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Just follow the story of the creator of this social network (s/v Can Drac) aboard their B43.... they started in NYC and have been in the Med for sometime now. Lots of video as well (incl. some of the Ocean Crossing)...


Thanks, Aquamarine,


That's true. You can find our blog post about our Atlantic crossing here:


We were surprised to see that most boats that crossed the ocean with us were actually production boats like Beneteau, Jeanneau, Bavaria, etc. Nowadays, these boats are taken offshore all the time.


You just need to look at the list of entries to the ARC Rally that crosses the Atlantic E to W every year and see for yourself:



Sir: Thank you for your time and expertise..I was supose to do this two years ago,,,but,, things have a way of having there own course...Now everything is better,, and i will be ready to go by oct/nov..I like the looks of the Beneteau,,Again thank you for your time and opinion...Your friend David
Hi everybody ! I'm both french & canadian (Born if Pyrenees but raised in Montreal from age 7): In France, sailboats are rated according to how far offshore they can go. Usually they have to be 10 meters (33 feet) & above but quite a few sailboats as small as 6.5 meters (21.3 feet) race across the Atlantic ( Mini Transat) every other year.  All this to say French sailboats are well built & can survive a offshore gale. But the universal trend, France, UK, USA etc... is to make sailboat lighter not to say thinner ! Engineers can calculate very precisely how thick a hull should be to survive waves pounding.... but not rocks jumping ! Everybody has seen that million dollars America Cup sailboat folding in two & sinking during a selection race off Barcelona -I think- Well, the engineers must have misplace a coma ! All this to say, I'm looking for a used sailboat between 1980 & 1995... I would buy any  Beneteau, Dufour, Jeanneau or Wauquiez above 33 feet to go offshore, but I'm also looking at Moody (UK) Contest (Netherland), Ericson (USA) etc... I've been offshore on a UK Camper & Nicholson 31, a German Chance 33 retired racing dog (!), a Swan 43 etc... & I'm ready to go back there anytime.



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