I'm thinking of trying something different for the two sides that have some soft spots were the chain plates and all were not cared for right byt the privous owner. Instead of just cutting off the top lever and lifting it and replacing with marine plywood and epoxy here is my idea.

They make a new shredded rubber mulch (from old tires is my guess). I have mixed up a sample batch of it with epoxy into a sludge paste Sort of like OSB board ( shredded chips and glue) I made a test square of 1' by 1' and 3/8" thick. It weighs about the same as the marine ply embedded with epoxy top and bottom.

My thoughts are straight epoxy is heavier, cost more, and nothing to stop a crack from running. With the shredded rubber in the mix it should stop runs like osb board or when they place fiber in concrete. Drilling holes would not expose any wood. If water got into it, it is epoxy and rubber so water would not cause issue. Also the paste would flow easier into the cavity and make a more complete surface and then replace the top layer on it.

Am I missing something in this idea? I'd appreciate comments. I know it is different but can't see a downside. Cost is not much more then plywood and epoxy on top and bottom.


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Sounds like a plan to me, but you might want to get in touch with MAS Epoxy or West Systems to see if they have any thoughts on inter-reaction between the rubber and voc's in the epoxy...Let me know how it goes. I need to take care of some soft spots in my deck and cabin top.
It is an interesting thought you have here. But I am curious why you do not want to replace the plywood. I have done this same process on a 30 Catalina. I removed a section on both side 12" x 72" then removed the wet core, rebuilt the wood then replaced the skin back on, Only a few people knew I did this as once I was done, you could not tell it was replaced, It was actually better then new, I f you want more details as it is very lengthy how I did it you can email me.
OH I know that is the normal way Was just thinking of options. Had some conrete poured at house and they asked if I wanted fiber in it to not have to lay wire down first. Then I rmembered tiger paw the bondo with fiberglass fiber in it to not let it cracked. I was at lowes and saw this new small shredded rubber mulch and thought hmm rubber and epoxy, you would not have ot worry about water. SO I experiment with a batch of epoxy I had left over when I put the new bulkheads in. I mixed it to about a 40 % rubber to 60% epoxy and poured it into a plastic container to get aproximately a 12 by 12 sq. Then i took a piece of marine ply I had for the inside projects and did a conventional 12 by 12 to get a weight factor.

My thoughts are if i do a plywood core and epoxy then where the hardware goes into the deck, I have to drill out and place a epoxy circle to protect the wood edge form getting wet. IF it is epoxy and rubbber that would not be an issue. plus with the 40/60 it flows well and was thinking you could really contor it and fill all the gaps easy and then relay the top in place and finish.

Cost would be a little more then plywood and epoxy but would it be a never needing to worry solution. I've heard of people using pure epoxy but understand too costly and heavy Thanks for the reply still thinking and will expirement more before i attend later this spring


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