Some sad and scary times ahead..

Well, just got back from a week-off sailing to the east of Mississippi, to Pirates Cove, Alabama and areas around Pensacola Florida. It was sad, because we had to cut our cruise short by a week, due to the the threat of the oil looming in the gulf and headed our way. Figured that, at the start of Hurricane season, once they closed off all the booms along the coast we would not be able to get back and didn't want to leave the boat 90 miles away. Now the scary part, the oil has been spotted 6 miles south of the barrier islands today which are located 7-10 miles from the harbor. The gulf coast has some of the most prestine beaches found off the coast, and to have to deal with the approach of such a mess is really frustrating for all.. Kind of like knowing you are going to get "punched in the face" but can't do anything but wait until it happens. Well at least we got a week of excellent sailing and made some new friends along the way. Now we wait and help clean-up the mess when it gets here..................

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Comment by Milt on June 14, 2010 at 11:35am
I grew up on the gulf coast, so I have been watching these unfolding events with deep and growing concern. At first, I was hopeful that the situation would be brought under control quickly. The news agencies offer only sketchy coverage of the magnitude of this catastrophe. I now understand that more than a million gallons of crude per day is spewing into the the Gulf waters and that oil plumes (read 'oil volcanoes') coming from the sea floor have been spotted as far as twenty miles away from the Deep Water Horizon site. BP and everyone involved admit that the situation is unprecedented. My thought is that they have opened a Pandora's box and have no idea how to close it. This could be a planet killer.
Comment by Kalena Leyburn on June 7, 2010 at 7:51pm
There is lots of discussion here on the westcoast about this unfolding tragedy. So many people are sickened and worried about what will happen. Why isn't there a call out worldwide for more booms to be brought in? Can there be too many? And for volunteers too. If someone wanted to help where would they apply/volunteer?

Kurt, your likening it to 'waiting to punched in the face' seems right on. It must be a very scary time. Just know that our thoughts and prayers are with everyone and every creature involved.

Comment by Suky Cannon on June 3, 2010 at 9:23pm
I hope they are going to use some more booms other than the rather wimpy ones they have... use sand bags on the beach like they do for floods...... and triple boom the waters.... at the least.... my prayers are with all on the Gulf COast and All of us....

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