I'm hoping for a relocation where I can sail more than May-Oct. I have relatives who live near the Jacksonville part of Florida, as well as the Clearwater part of Florida. I'm wondering if I can get some opinions on how much sailing can be had in either spot in the state? I am often told sailing in New England is best, but when you feel the cool air Labor Day weekend, you know the sailors will be skiing again soon.

Thanks a bunch

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Hello Robin,
I lived in the upper part of Florida area for 5 years. I was Actually in Gulf Shores Alabama very close to Pennsacola Florida. We sailed year round and loved every min of it!
Good luck
Well, that sounds extremely positive.
Thank you!
As a Gulf Coast sailor I can say we have some skinny water here. Once you are actually in the gulf no problem, but the bays and inlets can be shallow. I draw 5'3" and rarely leave the channel and only then if I know the bay. That said, I love the warm water here. I am in Tampa Bay area and our water here is more warm than cold. Also, we are a bit closer to Key West and Tortugas than some locations on east coast. They are closer to Bahamas though. I believe the east coast may have a more consistant breeze too. I absolutely love Tampa Bay area (St Pete) for ALL it has to offer but ymmv...
Cheers, Joel
m/s Miss Magoo
Columbia 45, #98
S. Pasadena, FL
I love warm water too. They claim our water in New England was the "warmest" it has been, but that is still too cold for me unless it is in the 90s, which only happened a few days this August. My sister living down there tells me sometimes the Gulf water is too warm and not refreshing, and I'm not so sure that is worse than being numb. I have yet to get to Key West, hope to some day, and my guess is there may just be steadier breezes on the East coast of Florida. When you say you absolutley love Tampa Bay, I smiled, and sorry I don't understand ymmv?

Anyway, I sailed a Columbia 28 last summer and fournd it was fun. I'm sure you get much pleasanure out of your 45.

Thanks much!
Hi Joel - I'm chartering a 32' out of Tampa Bay in March and have had people suggest destinations like, Pass-a-grill, Egmont Key and John's pass. You know the area. Any suggestions? How's the wind in March?
Jeane: Just happen to see your post, requesting info on Tampa Bay, it is middle of march, might be too late to respond, if you have an concerns don't hesitate to contact me.
I have a New England sailing friend who is retiring in a few weeks. The boat will hold up in Jacksonville for a few months to get ready and resupplied for the trip over to the Bahamas and places further south. I plan to visit, but for my own sake, want to establish a set of roots in either that area or the Clearwater area, and from the feedback here, it looks like the Gulf may be best. I visited JAX several times, great football stadium (I'm a big fan) and boating to it is truly cool. I did watch the temps for a season and saw on avg that JAX seemed to be 10-15 degrees cooler in the winter, you are absolutely correct!!

Well, I guess 3 months of not sailing beats 8, which I get now :) Night sails are the best, too.

Thanks a lot,
have son lives in jacksonville and i bought my present sailboat from there I like it there but there is nothing like sailing on the west coast of florida The gulf is great and i have been sailing in the gulf of mex since 1983 and would not change it for nothing I've sailed to the keys more times than i can count and sailed mostly south of the clearwater tamapa area If there is anything you want to know i can find it for you about the gulf coast hope this helps
It will be so great to have a connection in both areas!. I'm thinking of settling (if I like the area, of course), near Dunedin/Palm Harbor. But of course, I might like the Jax/St. Augustine area better. It will have to do with social activites and getting part-time work that I wake up happy to go to each day. Until I'm in a position to own a boat, it will also be based on the third criteria of having the ability to belong to some type of sailing club and getting out on the water as much as possible. Thanks for your help and look forward to more.

the birdee was trying to hitch a ride and kat was just trying to protect boat and momms from intruders.......
I live near clearwater and sail out of a little town called
Gulport at a sailing club called
Boca Ciege Yatch club its a great area to sail and there is little time durning the year you can't sail.
The weather is great and the gulf is a great sailing area I love it here and wouldn't go anywhere else to enjoy sailing as we do here. i'd be happy to chat with you in person if you wish anytime.

some of the pix i got from sailing gulf of mexico off florida......


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