What do you carry aboard that is critical to your cooking?

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My bit:

Really good knives. Stick blender with attachments to be a mini-food processor. Best SS percolator I could find (camping store). Vacuum sealer from Foodsaver. Kuhn-Rikon 5l pressure cooker. 4x8 non-stick metal loaf pans. Electric kettle for when I'm plugged in.

I have a microwave but very rarely use it. I don't think I've ever used my spring pan.
lots of garlic, gooood knives--slicer, french, filet and parer, and a pressure cooker---i use a presto--a wok and some chopstix....extra virgin olive oil..bay leaves and italian spices and .nutmeg and vanilla and cinnamon and sea salt...worcestershire sauce,,,,,,,,my coffee pot is a cone drip thing for one a good water boiling device---powdcered whole milk for coffee and chocolate syrup for coffee.....and a lid for the sauce pan with a lid....and a egg flipper/burger turner oven and bread pans and biscuit and cookie sheets...
I bet Amaretto is on yer shore list.
Any recommendations of a good tasting powdered whole milk source?
Have you tried Parmalat Milk. It comes in a sealed carton and is actually real milk. I tried it and actually did a taste test with my wife and she could not tell any difference. That was the real test.
I have tried this - and it's pretty good, though I'm pretty sensitive to the taste of milk and I can tell a difference with it. It's just that sometimes in the Bahamas, it would be nice to have a powdered milk that you can make up every few days that actually tastes good.

Thanks for the idea and also the web site.

I'm on Fairport Harbor, Ohio now, but we're leaving Sept 3 to spend the winter at Georgetown Bahamas - so preparing for that. I'm sure that I will get use to whatever we have work out - just thought that I'd try it at home first before leaving. Phil and I like milk to drink and use in food - and looking ahead.

Thanks for the tips! Lorraine
One of the reasons we're staying in one place is that I'll be going to school full time to get my BSN - which would be challenging moving from place to place as I need an internet connection. I have 3 weeks off around Christmas, so wouldn't be surprised if we explore then. Phil has been in Georgetown a couple time for 3-4 months - We'll see what happens once we get my house sold or rented and actually get on the road so to speak.

Be glad when I get a boat so I can comment on some of these discussions more sincerely... For now I use a piece of velcro strap to hold a ditty bag which holds dogs water bowl, and my non-water-tight lunch box. Never had time to eat though - Mouth usually full of sheets. year and an adequate boat later, i rediscover this discussion. glad i didnt run off w/o it. preshate yalls sharin.
As most have said, good knifes, Fry Pan, Cooking Pot for Pasta etc., 9 x 12 cake pans for casseroles etc. -- I have as many spices as I have at home, if not more. We have 2 percolator's for when were underway, cruising etc. Also have a coffee maker for when were in port with shore power. It's one that brews into a thermos keeps the coffee hot for several hours and doesn't have a pot that will break easly. We use our stove and range a lot.
I use the FILTRON COLD WATER COFFEE can type it into your browser.

I use this for all my coffee in my home...All my guests want to know how I make this wonderful coffee.?

Great thing is it allows no acid in the coffee, and that's why its not bitter. very good for delicate tummies.


I have the outdoor grill...How do I cook from a pan ? Have not even fired it up yet...Do we secure the pan some how? cake pans are mentioned...does the grill lid stay on pretty good under sail?

I really appreciate all your advice.


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