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Ahoy! and greetings to all fellow sailors and SeaKnots members. I am new to this site and, try as I may, I have not been able to find any postings in regard to proper SeaKnots etiquette. I like being a member here and wouldn't want to step on anyone's toes, or tread on someone's thread. I have seen several other new members come aboard in the short time I have been here. Perhaps it would be helpful to all if some of the members of longer standing would post a few dos and don'ts and a few of their pet peeves, just to give us newer members a little something to go on. Any other tips or advice on posting would be appreciated, as well. Thanks, Milt...
I'm still just floundering along here, wishing someone would throw me a line. I'm having a time figuring out how to post and where to post. When I attempted to initiate this discussion, all that posted was my title, so I had to reply to my own post to get the idea on the page. I have seen no sign of a 'help' button on this site or any instructions what ever. I can see that most of you have it well figured out. So come on in my nautical friends and throw this old flounder a bit of bait.
Etiquette? Sorry Milt, I dont speak french. HOWEVER, some of us here have nothing better to do on rainy days (or any day ending with "y") but to navigate through this site. No, Im not advocatin ye give up daysailin to figure th site out. It could actually happen in one night. We do however wanna know when ye turttle th girl, sacrificing all yer imported possessions to Davy Jones... and we even would like to hear about th bad, we never laugh at one another, only WITH one another. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so when ye explain yer pics, do it accurately are some of us (like me) will take on our own assumptions. Th site is pertty much user-friendly. Consider that my "Welcome Aboard, Skipper!"

See ye around,
Hello Milt and welcome to SeaKnots!

We are the founders of the site and should be able to help with your questions. Sorry about the delay in responding but we are now in the Med and with the time difference and all...

Here are some tips we put together a long time ago:

In terms of ettiquette, it's pretty much "cruising etiquette". In other words, we all tend to act as we would if we were walking a dock and saw other cruisers. It's OK to check out each other's boat (pictures?/videos?), politely ask for advice (as we do in the forum section), or just simply chat (via comments on each other's pages or using the bar at the bottom right).

What's not OK is acting disrespectfully or SPAMMING other members with unwanted business solicitations, etc.

As Louis said, we are trying to keep the site user-friendly so come aboard and share your stories.

Fair winds and following seas,

-Can Drac


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