I am the proud owner of a Irwin 10/4 sailboat of 1978 vintage,,,,However my Yanmar YSE8 diesel engine is not well, and is in need of serious repair or replacement.
I am located in the flatlands of Iowa where diesel powered sailboats are rather few and far between, and as a result marine repair stations are like wise scarce.
Does anyone on seaknots know of a shop where I could ship my engine?, or maybe better yet is it possible to get a remanufactured YSE8?
Thanks for any information... Gary J..

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If you have any mechanical abilities, do it yourself. That engine is small, not extremely heavy and very simple. If unable to do it yourself, order the parts and find a tractor repair facility near you. Iowa should have plenty of these places, and a diesel is a diesel is a diesel.
Since these engines are raw water cooled, meaning no heat exchanger where a closed circuit of coolant is used, the raw seawater circulates within the engine. Corrosion could exist in an area that has compromised the engine block.
It could be as simple as milling the head if the corrsion exists around the head gasekts, which is the most common area for oil/seawater exhange to occur.
Need to check the tollerances on milling as this would increase your compression slightly.
Good luck.


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