Well we have made it to Pensacola so far. 175 miles in a week. Really making speed. LOL But have just been drifting along, staying a day or two whenever it was nice. Spending a day here or there with friends on other boats. Probably spend tomorrow here in Big Lagoon, then head out to Destin on Sunday. Trying to meet up with a couple other boats in Destin, then on to Appalachicola to meet up with yet another. So, no rush for us. Should be in the Keys in a couple of weeks, give or take. Have contacted another boat who wants to buddy boat from central Fl. down to Key West. Good sailing, meeting good people, making new friends, and generally enjoying life.

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Cheers! -As ye look my way takin in the sunset. Thats not a rainbow, but a green Heineken bottle hoisted high and in honor.
Hahaha. OK I'll hoist a Heinecken in your honour too..
Nice pictures Zee.. thanks for posting. Some pictures are so nice, I'd like to do some art work on them. Have fun you all.. Kat looks happy.
Wilf and I are fabricating a bimini.. Yes, we're making our own. I'l finally get a bimini and don't have to fry in the sun anymore. Have just purchased a few meters of sunbrella fabrid on e-bay and will have to whip up the canvas on the old sewing machine.
Sound's very nice, taking your time and taking it all in. Enjoy!! Terri
phil writes better than i do---here are some pix to go with his words....

terrific pics!!! glad ya'll are having fun. we had a good trip but short. will be looking for your updates.

i'll get my slideshow on my blog in the next few days. need to do a narrative, etc. hugs, gina
woooohoo--we are in port st joe--very friendly place--in a marina--lol----we are resting after an all niter-----was gorgeous-- i took pix of sunset and sunrise for ya--but i wont post them until i have had some sleep lol......and i aint cooking breakie--is way too hot after running engine---taking the man out for breakie when we are rested a isnt sure about the whole situation--home keeps moving to weird and strange places....but he seems happy and still eating his foodz.....
happy to hear you're all happy and safe...looking forward to seeing the pics !
sunsets and sunrises are gorgeous at sea....
and port st joe is very nice and friendly and convenient for provisioning---
Z and Phil, we are livin your experiences....thanks


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