zihuatenejo is a  beautiful place.  seems all the  movies folks watch have some folks running away to zihuat--lol--is a gorgeous place with perfect weather.

the tourist  industry is  busy here, but in these days of bad market,  there are fewer tourists here.  seems  no one in world is  safe from this economic  downfalling.  

is currrently  the tourist season,  but  there are  very few folks here enjoying this  season, so far--is still early.  

there is a form of  income that folks seem to enjoy--begging for a mess.  i was  contacted by a  female from canada who stated she was an architect--but was so far out of the loop she didnt know what was going on  in that world--she is a  panhandler now--sad thing--but she isnt   skinny nor undernourished, and locals never saw her before   the day i met her.  hope she can get her act together--begging is so demeaning, in my mind.

this is an absolutely gorgeous  place to be -- folks are decent and helpful--there is fuel and water delivery to  my boat, as well s laundry awesome.

my only  hard decision is going to be  finding a haul out  yard for my formosa--is difficult to find a  place that does decent work--i am not into  yachtie  pristeen--i want commercial  good.  i would like for this repair to last more than a week.  this boat has not been hauled for over 10 years--is important soon--we see where ....

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