Novemeber 15th...last day to sail....mid 60's...very light winds ...but good enuf for sailing fiends.......

So after making appointment for Tuesday to be hauled out we figured one more sail! Even double checked and made sure getting hauled on Tues. at 2 pm. Call Bob for the last sail. Planning on removing sails and batteries off Twizzled after a short sail today. We all get there, stop into office to talk about shrinkwrapping and make sure they will be hauling on tues. as Norine taking a half day from work. Secretary informs us...boat is out already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We said, who ok'd this?????????????? No phone call, nada!!!!!! Secretary gave us the "i'm only the messenger" and she said but they have stuff to offload. 63 mile drive, planning on sailing...very Twizzled sailorette's!!!! So I said..we didn't bring ladder, you better find us a ladder somewhere!! Soooooo...we go to boat, take of sails, offload cushions...waiting on the batteries...the marina can do that when we come Tues. for the outboard. Deranged. And too rub salt in the wounds...owner walks by and looks up at us trying to derig boat and yell's up.. "what's taking you so long?" Somehow I think if there were 4 testicles on the foredeck instead of ovaries he wouldn't have dared made that remark! So we'll be sending the other half of winter storage fee that was due before haulout...when it's convienent for US!!!! So we finished offloading boat..stuck poor Bob on the glovebox (head/shoulders in back seat on cushions/sails..torso in front..sorta) in between us and went to dinner harborside and watched the other sailboats. hmpfh!!!!!!! Glad Twizzled going to Boston in the Spring! And to add to the day...slammed my knee on the spin. pole ...swollen and walking like Peg Leg Pete the Pirate! mortrin and bag o frozen peas as I type! Twizzled, Twizzled, Twizzled... :-)

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Comment by Terri on January 9, 2010 at 8:24pm
Sounds like a nice time of the year to be going. I've never been but friends who have gone there say it's a beautiful place.
Comment by Fred Schwiers on January 9, 2010 at 7:45pm
Will be sailing out to the Tortugas about 02-25-10 anyone else headed down that way . It's my first trip out there any sugestions would be apreciated . Fred
Comment by Mac on December 27, 2009 at 4:48pm
Reading about yours and others tribulations with pulling the boat and storing her for the winter makes me glad I did not buy the larger boat I wanted. The 25 is nice and all I have to do in the fall is take her from my dock at the club to the clubs lift, about 100ft. Back the trailer up and with my son move the boat to the trailer using the lift. From there it goes to my home where the bottom is power washed, the oil changed and all the fresh water systems are drained, marine anti-freeze is put in and then put her away in the barn until it starts to warm up in the spring. Since the barn has electricity I just plug the shore power in and leave the batteries in place. I have been doing it this way for 9 years on this boat and for close to 40 years on the collector autos and have no problems. You must have battery chargers that switch to a float mode when the battery is fully charged. Since you remove the battery(s) for the winter you might want to look at the low priced trickle chargers that keep a float charge on the battery. You can find these at places like Harbor Freight for less than $10 and I have seen them at farm stores for the same price. I am presently running 8 of them for the various car and RV batteries and most of the time I get close to 8 years of usage from my batteries. I have one in a 1998 Olds Aurora that I bought new and the original battery still starts the car. That is the best one I have ever had for life of the battery.

Hope you have a Happy New Year,
Comment by Terri on November 22, 2009 at 6:05am
Going to sail her up..probably mid to end of May. Want a bit warmer and better daylight window. Will join Cottage Park YC and wait till my name comes up for Winthrop YC. Where did you keep your boat when you were up here?
Comment by Tim on November 22, 2009 at 12:07am
Are you going to sail Twizzled up to Boston or have it trucked? It's a great trip I took on Harmony's maiden voyage from Westbrook. Mid-April wasn't the ideal time of year, but I had no other choice.
Comment by Terri on November 20, 2009 at 11:29am
Yeah, have heard of marina's pulling all kinds of stuff. Needed that last spin! Was looking at more of your "after the storm " pics..devasting! Trying to find a place for boat stuff in house now..miss not having a shed or garage. Raining here off n on..good day for shuffling and organizing stuff i guess. Thank you on the pic compliment! Terri
Comment by Banana Wind on November 20, 2009 at 12:43am
Yeah ..we have a boat yard down here that does stuff like that on a whim...I think its because the owner has been sniffing paint and solvents so long ...his mind is permanently jacked ....hes a nice guy some days ..other days ..katy bar the door ...if he didnt like MOST of us from the yacht club and give such great deals on yard fees ..we probably would bite the bullet and have to haul out near the Houston area or over in Lake Charles, LA. There just arent any other local options available in these parts! The good news is ...we live in the SOUTH ...and theres no need to haulout for the winter fact ..we like sailing when it gets a lil frisky out there ...Sorry you didnt get to take that last spin Teri ....but it will be splash time again before you know it! ;)=
Comment by Terri on November 17, 2009 at 8:05am
Just called marina....told the guy we're coming down for o/b & batts today (only about the 4th time i've said this..just in case!?) and since they yanked boat before haul date..I'll be needing hose run all the way to boat so it can be washed today and o/b run dry of gas. Woke up fired up! ##$%!! as my friend said..ought oh...slovakian gypsy blood boiling...
Comment by ___/)ances With Sails on November 16, 2009 at 11:55pm
"instead of ovaries": ye shouldnt beat yerself up like that -OR with th spinnaler pole. Since it too far for me to take ye sailin, I just have to keep thinkin about ye. Certainly havent stop dreamin about 'cha!

Comment by Terri on November 16, 2009 at 7:25pm
LMAO..u crack me up! may take u up on your offer.... as long as your airline friend willing. AND I better not be in a crate that says "Feed daily"!!! sail...i'd probably do it! Twisted & Twizzled!

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