What do you carry aboard that is critical to your cooking?

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I just found a product in the health food section that I'm going to test. It's an egg replacer power, consisting mostly of Cornstarch , potato starch, guar gum [whatever that is] sodium bicarbonate, baking powder.
I wonder how good it is and how it would work for pancakes and such on the boat. We never have enough storage space to take eggs along. I keep you posted.
I would be interested to know the results. One of the sites I've been to has dehydated eggs - can get whole eggs and egg whites in a powder form. I need to search my bookmarks and then will put in the link later.

Lorraine were a couple site I found. has a large can of dehydrated eggs.

That was with a quick look using Google. Has anyone used this product?
2 sharp paring knifes - both with sleeve for the blade
Pressure cooker
small wooden cutting board 8 by 6 inch - I use this ALL the time.
measuring spoon that has 1/2 tsp to 1 1/2 Tablespoon measure in one
digital scale - indispensible for weighing flour for bread. I have great oven so find no need for bread maker.
hand juicer
small steamer basket
food thermometer

small crock pot, hand juicer, vac-seal with several rolls, hibachi grill (lodgeware), cocktail mixer with strainer, tin foil, skewers (wood or metal), cooking journal

always pack Zataran's rice mixes, plastic squeeze bottles for everything (oils, sauces, condiments)



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