These have GRIB style real-time weather mapping for the world.

Also has low-bandwidth interface for maritime access:

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For local weather, not ocean going, I use Fairly accurate predictions especially for wind, if there is such a thing, on inland waters.
Intellicast was one of the first good public consumption weather websites and my go-to weather website on a regular basis. Especially for picking the ski resort for the weekends!
PS checked out the website, very nice. Saved it as a favorite.
my new favorite weather is
Hey, I know Lee Chesneau!
Only by his signature on weatherfax charts.
He's one of the regulars for making predictions for NOAA on their broadcast weatherfax charts.
He's one of the best.
Another good one for wind is
I primarily use this for local real-time and up to 24 hr predictions.
The great feature of zooming in to your specific area for forecast wind direction and speed have been very useful for racing.
Weather Underground - can also get to it -
Until I discovered this I always used intellicast. If there's a big weather event going on I check weather underground first and read daily the meteorologist, then NOAA, then maybe intellicast.
His weather coverage of Hurricanes is terrific... shows a minimum of 6 possible tracks, paths. More comprehensive and easier to understand
Not exclusively a weather site, but I make a habit of checking out before heading out.
Hi Leah, is a great site!
And for Franc on CanDrak, they have in Catalan!
My favorite is

This site allows you to place a virtual buoy anywhere in the world for up-to-date weather based on the GFS model. You can get wind and seas data. A 2 day forecast is available for free, a paid subscription gets you a 7 day forecast and it can be e-mailed to you. I used this site last year in the Bahamas and this year in the southern Caribbean and the forecasts were quite reliable.

Another site which I have referred to from time to time is

A third site looks interesting and I used it in trial for a brief time last year, but haven't looked at it this year

The best weather reporting, in my experience, has been the most local reporting available. If it's coastal, tune the vhf to weather. For bluewater, look always for a personal manipulation of data. We subscribed to Buoyweather in the Red Sea and Mediterranean because the personal input provided more accuracy than NOAA's grib models. For the oceans, skip the sites and rely on the nets that are following true conditions in the waters you reside while reporting your own conditions for those following you.


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