We experience them all all, those quiet moments on board when the world is perfect and beautiful , or those other moments when life on board becomes a challenge and we have deal with situations.

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I just just imagine !! Thanks for the contribution to this discussion.
I experienced force 10 for several days during an the Atlantic crossing once, but my husband and I were passengers in a freighter, not in a sailboat. My hubby didn't see much of life outside the head during those days.. LOL
Liv, thank you for sharing your beautiful picture and writing. It brings to my mind memories of a very special evening on Lake Huron when my wife and I were sailing from Maryland to Iowa on July 30, 07. It was at the end of our first day out of the St. Clair river and the lake was just like mirror. The forecast was for those conditions to continue, so we elected to anchor outside the breakwater at Lexington, Mi. After a glass of wine at sunset, the moon rose out of Lake Huron, Such a beautiful sight. one to be remembered for life. With nothing but water between us and the horizon, the reflection on the water was cut off flat, which make the total piicture look like and upside down exclamation mark, surrounded by stars in the clear sky. Thanks again for your picture.
Thank YOU for sharing. No matter where we sail, there are so many memorable moments on-board,some good, some not so good..LOL and I think I shall start to keep a log of them, starting this season. Then, when we patiently have to sit out the winter up here in the North, we read up on them and remember.
One weekend last year we dropped the hook at Worton Creek on the Chesapeake. Just the two of us and we kept it that way, refusing invitations from neighboring boats. A nice swim, good books and a pleasant nap filled the afternoon. Right around sunset we fired up the barbeque and watched the sun set in a gorgeous display of reds and oranges. Dinner was by candle light and soft music under a moonless night and a million stars. It just doesn't get any better than that. I think my blood pressure just dropped 10pts writing about it :)
This sounds like what we do.. We usually sail alone and enjoy a quiet time.

Last October, our last sail of the season, I woke in the middle of the night.
Something made me open the forward hatch. When I looked out over the water [ we were at anchor on the Ottawa River] the river was like a mirror, not a stir in the air. The sky was full of stars and then I noticed northern lights, aurora boralis, flashing across the sky.. In a bay near by a flock of Canada geese, which had gathered for their flight south, were squaking and chatting. It was like magic and I didn't want to go back to sleep.

I wonder if city people ever see such a beautiful sight.
I've seen the Aurora boralis three times! Once while sitting on the roof at night on break at work in Southboro, ma. believe it or not...way out in the woods. Also saw them from the boat when we were in N.H. on Lake Winnipeasukee, was awesome!!! And while camping in the White Mtn.s in NH, same night saw a huge wolf go "skipping" across the road. Terri in the suburbs sailorette!
Hey Terri, little sailorette..:-)
I'm glad you saw the northern lights..they're sooooooooo beautiful.

I've seen them often, one time with friends, four of us , all streched out on a beach on the Ottawa River [it's a very big, wide river, long sandy beaches] and looking UP for hours, just watching the northern lights.

The best, most interesting, aurora boralis I saw at the NY Watkin's Glen race track, believe it or not.. LOL
Instead of green or white the lights were red, bright red , curtains of star dust waving across the sky.
Awesome site.

Cool about the wolf too. I've never seen a wolf.
I'm longing to see dolphins jump in front of my boat.. Wonder if that's ever going to happen..:-)
A few years ago we were out of Atlantic City, NJ. The only place to sail was the ocean and we'd make runs up and down the coast, then head back in. Dolphins were a common site but it was really special when they chose our boat to play with. Unfortunately we don't see them on the northern Chesapeake. Of course we do get to check out Bald Eagles, Hawks and Ospreys which are always a nice sight.
i saw aurora borealis in copenhagen when i was there in 1971--awesome!!!!! i was in tivoli gardens when they were viewed...

dolphins surrounding boat is realllly coool--they play and jump and have so much fun !!!

sailing the caribean ;ast december was also awesome---very beautiful and peaceful....
Mike, I am adding a picture that I took May O7 while on the hook at Worton Creek before starting back to Iowa. What a nice place to be. Gary
Gary, yes Worton is a very nice place. Fantastic sunsets too. I see a little smoke coming from the BBQ, mmmm good :)
repowering must begin with removal of the old ded redone with the appropriate sunrises and the best supervisory staff.....note awesome and impressive hole and bent piston rod!!!!! previous owner did a righteous job of detonating this westerfreeeek 4-107 ....made holes in pan as well with rod thru in 2 places lol.......


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