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Ignore the charter part of the site and use the blue tool bar on the left for "How to make money with boats" that is a free book on 50 businesses run from a boat.

Also see the "Free Reports" on the toolbar for a heap of good boating techno articles.

Also see "Product Reviews" for in in field reports of boat bits.

Also see "Specialty products" for boat small time boat product manufactures.

Also see "Escape to the South Pacific" to see methods people use to settle in the S. Pac or to buy a business and stay.

Thanks for asking for links.

Charlie Whipple's Circumnavigation was cut short this week. The boat he spent two and a half years building was lost on the rocks of Great Barrier Island in New Zealand's Haurki Gulf, barely days into his voyage. Here is Charlie's account of the events leading up to the fateful grounding, along with a link to an article covering the story in the New Zealand Herald and a video clip taken by a member of the NZ Coast Guard rescue team who plucked poor Charley from the rocks. Very interesting blog/site..lots of info.
Women in Piracy - Mary the Goat (yikes)
Shipwrecks and Expedtions - Archaeology, different links....
This one is from your neck of the woods Terri, and really worth looking through. This section is fun to explore.
Thanks, is a nice site. S & S knew what they were doing....I'll take the 53' Hinckley! Link that let's you do multiple searchs on Craigslist, Ebay, Kijiji etc.


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"It sounds like your AC breaker tripped.  Just incase you've overlooked the obvious.  Try to Close and then Open the main panel AC Outlets breaker."
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Merchant account service providers usually do not offer high-risk merchant account instant approval. Due to the elevated risk associated with businesses in high-risk industries, the application process is more thorough and may require additional documentation. Financial institutions and payment processors carefully assess the applicant's risk profile before approval, which can take…See More
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